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Access Control (Hardware): Paxton – Net2 Entry Premium Monitor

by Benchmark

Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018 Access Control (Hardware) Winner: Paxton – Net2 Entry Premium Monitor

Paxton’s Net2 Entry Premium Monitor is the latest addition to its plug-and-play door entry system. The interior monitor is designed to deliver a personalised user experience combined with an aesthetically pleasing modern design that mimics trends in the smart device market. The slim monitor with simple user interface includes a glass touch screen.

With regards to personalisation, the user can add a photograph or company logo, and a profile picture can be generated using the monitor’s integral camera. Up to 25 background themes are available, along with two screensavers.

The monitor has a host of features including a concierge function, offering simple visitor and site management. This enables users who are busy or away to divert the monitor to reception. If a caller is missed, enhanced call administration provides a video snapshot and event log of visitors. The system also enables broadcast-based messaging to all monitors from the concierge monitor. Additionally, a ‘do not disturb’ feature can be initiated; this can be manually set or scheduled.

Additional features include an integral digital video camera with audio functionality, enabling two-way communication between visitors or the concierge. Two-way video communication is possible when the Net2 Entry Premium Monitor is linked with the Net2 Entry Touch panel. The monitor also offers simple integration with a doorbell input.

A line-out connection is available for use with a T-Loop antenna for users with hearing aids. A hight contrast theme is available to ensure instructions on the screen are easy to read.

Designed with current trends in decor in mind, the Net2 Entry Premium Monitor will match most modern interiors. Featuring a high quality capacitive glass touch screen, it ensures that users who are familiar with smartphones and tablets are immediately at home with the interface. The monitor, which is available either with or without a handset, can either be wall-mounted or fitted with a simple desktop stand.

Performance is high, ensuring both clear and easy-to-understand audio communications and sharp and well-defined video images.

The interface is user-friendly and includes help pages to guide users through configuration and operation. The monitor is powered using PoE, so no dedicated power supply is required.

Like other elements in the Net2 Entry door entry system range, the Net2 Entry Premium Monitor is a plug-and-play solution. Installation and set-up is fast and the simple installation is a benefit for integrators and installers looking to deliver effective visitor management in a simple-to-use, futureproof and expandable package.

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