Benchmark initiative to address the evolving technological landscape

If there is one thing that can be said with some certainty, it’s that semantics will impact on the future of the security industry. In fact, it will impact on the short-term future of technology in a wide number of industries, as well as the consumer sector. However, out of the chaos will eventually come order. The problem is that if we wait for that order to emerge, the chances are we’ll be behind the curve in terms of technological development. This is why Benchmark is embarking on a new initiative to help those who want to exploit changes in the ever evolving technological landscape.


he technological landscape is currently in a state of flux. Whilst those with their collective ear to the ground can identify an approaching and clearly definable change, the majority are sitting on their hands, awaiting some sort of indication of the direction they should go in. Whilst technological evolution is clear in what the future will be, the semantics surrounding it seem to have many people confused.

There are currently a whole host of developments that people are watching with interest. These include – but are not limited to – the internet of things, smart homes, intelligent buildings, connectivity, solutions as a service, business intelligence, building automation and a hold host of other more specific trends.

The truth is that these are effectively all faces of the same thing. All of them will ‘happen’, most of them will have some impact on the security industry, and whilst many of them are distinct and different from each other, they can also be rolled together to deliver whatever it is that any specific customer demands.

How the available technologies and design philosophies are implemented, and who they are implemented for, is what will ultimately determine the designation that is applied to them. These factors are more important than the technologies involved or, for that matter, the people that install and commission the solutions. The semantics are misleading if you don’t see that the core technology is essentially doing the same thing.

Another issue is that many installers and integrators, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and so called experts are looking for someone or something to take leadership. People are looking for that singular platform or protocol that will make everything work seamlessly.

Why? What makes anyone think that some magical cure-all platform or protocol is going to emerge? Many of the technological innovations that have become so successful that they are now essential to most businesses don’t have a common platform or protocol. They might use common file types, or communicate with other system elements using common languages, but connectivity is not reliant on complete uniformity.

In today’s world, you can have an iOS phone, an Android tablet, a Windows PC, a Panasonic or Samsung television and a Linux media server, but everything works together. If you’re waiting for that golden protocol, you’ve more chance of meeting up with Godot!

Taking the whole thing back to basics, end users will invest in solutions that deliver business benefits. Those benefits might include security, business intelligence, communications, energy control, building automation or any host of features and functions. They aren’t going to be too worried about which part of the system drives the other elements. No one is currently seeking a single solution that runs every single aspect of their business. There will always be segregation of certain tasks.

Unfortunately, the security industry is currently discussing the future technological landscape as if it is some ‘theoretical’ event, rather than the reality it is.

This is why Benchmark will be launching an initiative to help change the technological theory into practice.

Hopefully it will aid installers and integrators looking to deliver true solutions!

Watch this space…

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