Increasing cyber protection with Logiqal Cybercheck

PROMOTIONAL FEATURE With the server being the core of every Enterprise CCTV system it is the logical place to monitor the overall health of the system and to block potential cyberattacks. Building on the enormous success of Secure Logiq’s Healthcheck Lite hardware monitoring and...

Secure Logiq: HA Series Analytics Optimised Servers

Secure Logic: HA Series Analytics-Optimised Servers – Finalist, Infrastructure Category, Benchmark Innovation Awards 2017

Secure Logiq: HA ‘Analytics Optimised’ Servers

PROMOTIONAL ARTICLE As pricing of video analytics trends downwards, even becoming a free feature set in a few VMS offerings, there is a very real danger that customers will start to use them without first considering the exceedingly high processing requirements that these...

Benchmark articles covering Secure Logiq

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