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Innovation Awards

Here we highlight the finalists in the 2020 Benchmark Innovation Awards.

At Benchmark, we passionately believe that the future of the technology-based systems sector lies in the creation of innovative and smart solutions. In order to allow integrators to create such solutions for end users, it is vital that manufacturers and service providers deliver innovations which both enhance the technological capabilities of their products, and allow those developments to be implemented in a realistic fashion to deliver tangible benefits and added value.

In order to highlight and reward such advances, Benchmark runs its annual Innovation Awards scheme, which recognises and rewards innovative thinking. Here we highlight the finalists in the 2020 Benchmark Innovation Awards.


BriefCam: Video Content Analysis Platform

BriefCam offers an intelligent video analytics platform which delivers innovative capabilities, allowing end users to quickly and effectively search, analyse and act on intelligence gained from real-time or on-demand video content. Through AI, Deep Learning, advanced object detection, identification and classification, it allows operators to make sense of the video data by filtering objects to pinpoint and track targets.

BriefCam’s REVIEW, RESPOND and RESEARCH solutions enable the platform approach. REVIEW is used for post event investigation and allows advanced searching and filtering, and the creation of cases to organise video assets. RESPOND uses advanced filtering and rules to generate alerts. RESEARCH is a reporting and dashboarding tool which enables users to visualise, assess and compare aggregated video data.


To deliver seamless integration of security and energy management systems, COSMO PSIM+ allows flexible connectivity as it is an API-based technology-agnostic solution. The single intuitive GUI ensures security, energy management and maintenance teams can easily access real-time, accurate status information about the systems on a site.

Real-time monitoring software collects data from the security system, as well as from energy monitoring and operational systems. The customisable interface means COSMO PSIM+ delivers an interactive experience for the customer, providing key features such as remote access and monitoring.

Avigilon: Appearance Search

Avigilon Appearance Search is a feature of the ACC Enterprise (Avigilon Control Center) VMS. Sites using Appearance Search can deploy Avigilon’s cameras with self-learning analytics, or use the Avigilon AI Appliance with third party cameras.

Because Appearance Search uses self-learning, it doesn’t require any configuration during installation. It is integrated into the intuitive GUI, making use simple. Because of the way the video is managed for storage and review, the latency seen on some VMS options when carrying out intensive system-wide searches doesn’t materialise. This gives consistent operational performance.

Qognify: VisionHub VMS+

VisionHub VMS+ is an enterprise-class security management solution which offers more than management of video streams. It includes workflow support, situational awareness and system management capabilities.

VisionHub VMS+ offers redundancy across all VMS components, advanced geo-positioned maps, incident management with actionable guidance and facilitates collaboration to help throughout the process of managing a security incident.


DAVANTIS has developed its Deep Fusion technology, which is capable of combining established video analytics tools with Deep Learning. By developing the DFusion product, the company is able to deliver more advanced solutions which add smart functionality to a wide range of systems.

Deep fusion technology allows the system to detect all intruders, even in hostile and demanding situations across longer distances than can typically be covered with traditional IVA, but with an unprecedented reduction in the number of nuisance alarm activations.

Virtual IR illuminates dark areas to improve intruder detection. The system processes images received by the camera, highlighting difficult-to-detect, dark areas and showing a clearer area for better supervision. This, combined with image stabilisation and smart PTZ functionality, allows the use of advanced auto tracking with an optional module.


Cathexis: CathexisVision 2020

CathexisVision’s video analytics suite has been enhanced through the addition of Object Classification algorithms, which use sophisticated Neural Network technology. The algorithms allow an additional rule to be added to the decision-making process by only triggering events if the detected object is of a pre-determined type, for example a person, vehicle or animal. This feature dramatically reduces false alarms and provides more accurate information for users who rely on event triggers to make informed decisions.

A simplified motion recording feature enables users to quickly add motion recording to cameras or groups of cameras. Video ageing has been developed in response to demand for video to be managed more economically.

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Milestone: XProtect 2020 R1

The 2020 R1 of XProtect from Milestone Systems brings additional features to the VMS and extends the open platform offering with the first Video Processing Toolkit.

Several new features and capabilities extend functionality of online services, enabling innovative video analytics and AI applications to deliver additional benefits.

XProtect Smart Client desktop notifications use pop-ups whenever an alarm is triggered in the XProtect system. XProtect offers better support for devices integrated through ONVIF. A Centralised Search feature makes it easy to find a specific incident by aggregating all data types. The MIP SDK has been extended with a Video Processing Service driver, and a toolkit and sample code for building a Video Processing Service. This is a new and more flexible way of enabling AI, video analytics and machine learning.

Bosch: BVMS 10

BVMS 10.0 features improved levels of data security and privacy, greater flexibility with ONVIF Profile S certification and enhanced monitor wall functionality to deliver a more flexible video management solution, including integration with access control.

BVMS 10.0 is also cybersecure. It ensures all communication channels and stored information is secured using state-of-the-art IT technologies. Data in transit is protected by encrypting the data directly at the edge, as well as encrypting all communication paths between crucial system components, to significantly reduce the risk of third-party attacks.

FLIR: Elara DX Series

The FLIR Elara DX-Series includes multispectral PTZ security cameras which have been designed to provide full situational awareness in the most challenging of environments. Combining thermal and visible light imagers, the Elara DX-Series gives operators the ability to monitor large areas in complete darkness, glaring light, and adverse weather conditions including fog and snow.

The exceptional detection and identification capabilities of multispectral cameras help integrators provide solutions for challenging imaging problems at critical infrastructure sites and remote facilities. Thermal imaging can detect people and objects over long distances, allowing tracking, while the video element provides identification and evidential quality images.

Vicon: Valerus 20

Valerus is a powerful and intuitive VMS intended for users of all levels, designed for ease-of-installation, with an easy-to-use web-based interface and a standards-based open-platform philosophy. Valerus delivers features for sophisticated live monitoring, centralised management and high-performance video recording.

Valerus 20 includes new features including interactive mapping, bookmarking, and historical event search so users can react to events more quickly, monitor more efficiently and perform more thorough forensic investigations.


3xLogic: infinias Corporate

3xLogic’s infinias Corporate access control software provides the most advanced features of access control management for securing and managing sites. The interface is presented as a simple, intuitive browser-based GUI. The software allows the user to view, monitor, and report on any or all events and alarms.

It is possible to define multiple security roles, as well as access privileges for individual users.

A powerful ‘rules engine’ makes it possible to perform a variety of functions based upon logical relationships. The ability to link trigger events with actions creates a high degree of flexibility, allowing the implementation of bespoke applications to generate added value for the customer.

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Paxton: Paxton10

Paxton10 offers a simple path for integrators looking to offer their customers a seamlessly integrated access control and video solution. That it also enables interoperability with intruder and fire alarm systems as well as building management tools is an added bonus.

The installation and configuration processes have been made as simple as possible, but this does not reduce the level of flexibility on offer. Indeed, it could be argued that the simplicity only serves to make the flexibility more accessible.

Paxton10 can deliver a high level of integration, but the potential for the future is also huge. It allows users to enjoy a return on investment, which makes the solution cost-effective, and the cost of the hardware isn’t significantly different from the company’s dedicated access control solutions.

Vanderbilt: BLE Readers

Vanderbilt offers Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers in conjunction with the company’s ACT Enterprise access control software, enabling the use of smartphones as credentials and for temporary access needs.

BLE transforms access control as it removes the need for a physical card or tag, replacing it with a secure Bluetooth credential that communicates with the reader to authorise or reject access. Vanderbilt offers a range of BLE readers, a contactless door release button, virtual credentials and an end-user app.

Johnson Controls: EntraPass v8.2

EntraPass v8.2 further simplifies how users remotely access the EntraPass go mobile app. Users gain improved search capabilities and other efficient upgrades to deliver remote and real-time access.

EntraPass go Pass requests are not attached to a selected SmartLink, eliminating the need to configure every connection. Users will now be able to access inbound connections with ease.

Enhanced users/card search functionality is also available with EntraPass v8.2. Users can search for a profile while keeping the search menu open – eliminating the need to start each search fresh.

The update also opens the EntraPass Security Management Software to macOS users.

Proxyclick: Proxyclick

Proxyclick is designed to create efficiencies when managing visitors and contractors. Users can have immediate access to the information they need, making visitor management simple. Security functions alert users when a visitor checks in, or creates notifications if they fail to check out.

Advanced reporting allows the end user to collect data and spot trends, produce reports and use surveys to gather feedback from visitors. The captured information can be used to help improve the visitor experience to a site, as well as being kept secure via a range of protection elements.


OPTEX: WX Shield

The four models in the WX Shield series are built upon OPTEX’s track record in providing sensing performance for outdoor intruder detection applications, while the wide (180 degree) detection area coverage brings a feature that is ideal for protecting larger residential grounds and flat roofs.

The WX Shield series provides flexible range detection and settings, as well as a selectable low (0.8­–1.2 metre) or high mount (2 metre) option. The sensors feature two independent 90 degree detection areas with the flexibility to configure individual settings, sensitivity levels and triggering outputs for the left and right areas.

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Texecom: Impaq SC-W

The Impaq SC-W from Texecom is a wireless shock and contact sensor, and forms part of the Impaq S Series of shock sensors. The detector makes use of VIBER Accelerometer Technology, which is Texecom’s proprietary sensing technology for the new range of sensors.

The Impaq SC-W also features the secure and stable Ricochet wireless mesh technology, which provides a robust self-healing wireless infrastructure to deliver dependable and redundant performance.

The Impaq SC-W is independently certified by Kiwi Telefication to EN50131-2-8 Grade 2, the new European Standard for shock detectors, which sets out performance criteria across a wide range of surface materials. In order to achieve Graded performance, all shock sensors on a system must now meet this standard.

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The PR-30BE from TAKEX is a reflector-based photoelectric beam which uses Time-of-Flight technology.

Time-of-Flight technology accurately measures the time it takes for a signal (in this case an infrared beam) to return to the unit once it has been transmitted. The device ‘learns’ the time taken for the beam to be reflected and returned to the receiving element of the detector under normal conditions. If the signal is not returned, or if it is returned in a different timescale, then an alarm is generated.

The PR-30BE has a 30 metre range. It determines the distance of any beam break with a high degree of accuracy as it measures the light reception level and timing, ensuring that genuine alarms are not missed. Because the sensor does not require power at both ends of the link, installation costs are lower.

Redcare: Redcare Ultimate

Redcare Ultimate is Redcare’s flagship secure alarm signalling system, and is suitable for every level of risk. It uses a private IP connection on the Redcare network and also supports a back-up signalling path which is powered by two 4G SIMs.

To ensure resilience, the signalling system includes battery back-up in the alarm panel to deliver continuity, even during a power cut. Enhanced monitoring provides additional peace of mind, as any problems with the signalling infrastructure are notified within 90 seconds.

To increase the end user’s return on investment, Redcare Ultimate can deliver add-on benefits. As well as providing secure signalling for fire and security alarms, it can also provide resilient notifications of building problems such as gas leaks and floods.

Pyronix: ProControl+ Voice Push Notifications

The ProControl+ app from Pyronix allows the use of voice-based push notifications when alerts occur, ensuring users receive clear and unambiguous information.

For example, with the use of a Wi-Fi connected Cube camera, the user can view the exterior of their property, receiving instant voice push notifications when motion is detected. This then enables them to visually verify the security of the property.

The app provides instant voice push notifications to deliver an early warning of fire or smoke, restricting damage and allowing as much time as possible time for the property to be evacuated.


IPS: Critical Infrastructure Protection

IPS Critical Infrastructure Protection is an intelligent video analytics module designed to deliver real-time alerts if an intrusion into a secured outdoor area occurs at an especially sensitive site. Built with critical infrastructure in mind, the smart analytics option makes use of a patented three-zone concept.

The smart analytics modules recognises suspicious behaviour and allows an exact ‘friend or foe’ recognition to be carried out. Additionally, it can detect camera tampering attempts. Flexibility in terms of configuration allows precise set-up to meet the requirements of any sensitive environment. This ensures precise and reliable detection.

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IDLA (IDIS Deep Learning Analytics) is an artificial intelligence-optimised video analytics solution for video surveillance systems. By leveraging artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to perform labour-intensive tasks, the technology has an accuracy rate of 98 per cent, according to the manufacturer.

The deep learning engine is based on an artificial neural network, learning from experience and analysing vast amounts of data taken from video footage across single or multiple cameras.

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VCA Technology: VCAserver

VCAserver is an appliance device which can either be used to integrate VCA’s video analytics with a third party VMS, or as a standalone server for smaller installations when a dedicated VMS is not required.

VCAserver was developed in conjunction with VCA’s technology partners, and enables users to benefit from VCA’s deep learning analytics.

When used in a standalone mode, VCAserver is ideal for projects of 128 channels or less; it is deployed in conjunction with an NVR. Scalable from eight channels up, it provides a cost-effective method of adding Deep Learning analytics to legacy systems.

Hikvision: AcuSense Technology

Hikvision AcuSense Technology provides accurate sensing when embedded in security hardware. Powered by deep learning algorithms, AcuSense technology distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving objects.

Supported devices will only generate an alarm when the preset intrusion type (human or vehicle) takes place. Video content is sorted into human and vehicle categories for easier searches, saving time when investigating an incident.

Vaion: vcore

Vaion offers a range of system elements to create an end-to-end smart video solution. The systems feature embedded AI technology to deliver benefits including smart analytics and enhanced intelligent search functionality. Vaion’s product line includes cameras, dedicated server hardware, and vcore, a software-based VMS which delivers a high level of analytics functionality.

The software incorporates embedded video and audio analytics powered by machine learning algorithms, along with intuitive interfaces to simplify operational and installation processes. The software is optimised to detect threats at an early stage to enable timely and effective responses.
The vcore VMS supports cameras with integrated directional audio analytics, security appliances (​Vaion v​server) and a hybrid cloud service (​Vaion v​cloud).

The software creates instant alerts about exceptions, and can track people and objects throughout the site. Analytics are performed in real-time from all cameras (including third-party models) at the VMS.


Arcules: XProtect Hybrid VMS

Arcules offers the Arcules-XProtect Hybrid VMS solution. It represents a combination of the Arcules Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) integrated with Milestone XProtect Corporate on-premise VMS. The result is a flexible hybrid video surveillance solution ideal for organisations looking to centralise their dispersed video surveillance operations.

Customers can deploy systems to remote sites quickly, with minimal IT resources and downtime, while still benefiting from the capabilities of XProtect’s on-premise VMS. Additionally, Arcules’ intuitive platform provides sites and cameras connected to the VSaaS with an underlying cloud infrastructure delivering compatibility between sites, low video latency, data encryption, redundancy, streamlined maintenance and automatic updates.

Videoloft: Cloud Adapter

The Cloud Adapter from Videoloft is a plug-and-play appliance which allows cloud connectivity to be added to legacy or newly installed video surveillance systems. It provides an additional layer of security and encryption to ensure systems are cybersecure. The service provider states it takes one minute to install, with no need to alter network configurations. Purchase is a one-off cost, with cloud services billed on a recurring basis.

The adapter is compatible with devices from Axis, Bosch, Panasonic, Hanwha Techwin, Sony, Uniview, Hikvision and Dahua, amongst others. Systems can be configured as cloud only, or cloud with an additional local recording system.

Brivo: OnAir

The Brivo security platform and Brivo OnAir API enables the design of customised building access control systems making use of cloud-based services to enhance flexibility and save costs. The system has a high level of scalability and integration to deliver a unified, centralised management solution.

The cloud services enable a full range of access control functionality. Users can create schedules to set times for entry and alarm setting. Personnel can easily be managed, with permissions easily adjusted to grant different levels of user access. The system sends event alerts and provides real-time video, whilst also creating reports of relevant event data.

Morphean: Morphean Management Platform

Morphean’s Management Platform combines hosted video surveillance, access control, business intelligence analysis for a number of sectors such as retail, banking, hospitality, transportation, education, healthcare and industry.

Built as an intuitive platform, it can be managed by the end-user or by a security provider. Maintenance and updates are automatically provided by Morphean, giving the customer peace of mind while enabling them to free up resources. The ‘as a Service’ model is available with a monthly subscription.

Agent Vi: innoVi

Agent Vi’s innoVi service provides a broad set of sophisticated AI-powered video analytics capabilities for real-time detection of events, along with object tracking and quick discovery and export of events and related data from captured video.

The innoVi platform was built to analyse and manage significant amounts of video data. It is highly scalable, efficiently supporting small- to large-scale deployments to suit installations of all sizes. It makes use of an open architecture approach to maximise the potential of any surveillance system.

Available as cloud-based software as a service, or as an on-premise solution, the innoVi range represents a flexible solution to meet the needs of any surveillance installation.



AI-DASH-PRO is a dashboard tool from AI Tech which provides a solution for data collection for statistic and alarm management purposes. It is designed to be deployed in smart environments, whether buildings, roads or entire smart cities.

AI-DASH-PRO collects data from AI-empowered video analytic plug-ins that enable a regular camera to make sense of a viewed situation through behavioural analysis and object recognition.Whenever a plug-in detects a situation of interest, it sends it to AI-DASH-PRO, which acquires and stores data from different cameras in different locations, Data can then be visualized in an intuitive and user-friendly web interface which aids the decision-making process. Basic features include the ability to visualise data in graphical and tabular form, and export data with notes.

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Genetec: Mission Control

Genetec Mission Control is a collaborative decision management system that provides organisations with new levels of situational intelligence, visualisation, and complete incident management capabilities. It allows security personnel to make the right decision when faced with routine tasks or unanticipated situations by ensuring a timely flow of information.

Mission Control empowers organisations to move beyond simple event and alarm management by collecting and qualifying data from thousands of sensors and security devices, spotting the most complex situations and incidents, and guiding security teams in their response following organisation-specific processes and compliancy requirements.

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Hanwha Techwin: Serverless ANPR

Hanwha Techwin offers a range of Intelligent Traffic Management solutions, and recently added a cost-effective serverless ANPR solution.

The use of easy-to-configure camera-to-camera IP-based communication technology enables up to four Wisenet ANPR cameras to simultaneously capture and transmit ANPR data to a convenient user interface. The cameras are configured as a single master unit and three slave units; the latter send data back to the master, ensuring a unified system is in place.

By taking advantage of powerful integral chipsets, the serverless ANPR solution is both easy to configure and delivers high levels of reliability, with a quoted 95 per cent accuracy rate capturing number-plates of vehicles moving at up to 31mph.

Herta: Biomarketing

Herta’s Biomarketing solution is based on facial detection and analysis. The business intelligence system allows parameters such as gender, approximate age, use of glasses and various other characteristics or facial expression to be recognised. This information can then be used to target marketing messages to the individual, allowing marketing departments to take a more proactive approach to message delivery.

By using the Biomarketing tool, users can make messaging decisions based on who is viewing the content at any given moment, as the target audience can be identified and a target-specific advertisement screened.

Spica: Time and Space

Spica manufactures Time and Space, a successful access control and time and attendance solution. Both software and key hardware components for this solution have been developed in-house, creating a specialised solution.

Time and Space modules provide real-time information about absence and attendance for employees, regardless of how complex the organisational structure, the number of employees or the number of locations.

Due to differences in working time calculations, two models are supported: flexible time calculation and shift time calculation.


Axis: Network Audio Solutions

Axis offers a range of networked audio devices which form complete high-quality audio systems which can be deployed in a range of various applications, either as standalone solutions or integrated with other systems such as video, detection, site management, process control, marketing, safety, etc..

Event-triggered announcements and direct callouts can be initiated, and users can make live or scheduled announcements to different zones. A site’s ambiance can be enhanced using easy and flexible scheduling of background music, while also allowing service-based announcements to be made.

The range includes speakers, microphone consoles, connectors, amplifiers and bridges, as well as comprehensive audio system control software.

NVT Phybridge: FLEX24

The FLEX24 switch from NVT Phybridge makes the transition from an analogue to IP-based infrastructure, allowing the use of numerous IoT devices, a simple, secure and cost-effective option.

When the FLEX switch is paired with FLEX adapters, the enterprise-grade unit delivers fast Ethernet and PoE over multi-pair UTP cable with up to 610 metres reach.

This reduces costs as additional hardware such as network extenders and associated PSUs and cabinets are not required.

The FLEX24 delivers robust power management capabilities and a simple to use GUI interface, ensuring it is both simple to configure and use. The switch takes advantage of Modern LAN principles.


The LMS series detectors are cost-effective 2D LiDAR sensors capable of delivering mid-distance detection ranges. The sensors are designed with integral multi-echo technology and advanced algorithms to ensure reliable and consistent performance, regardless of the environmental conditions.

Detection data is output via an interface in real time, enabling numerous applications to benefit from the accuracy on offer. The number of switching outputs can be expanded if required, and simple integration allows the creation of smart solutions.

Nortech: NorParc

NorParc is a Windows-based counting and parking guidance system which provides centralised count management, monitoring and guidance control for parking facilities which have multiple entry and exit points.

It includes a range of high-intensity RGB variable message signs using low profile LED matrices offering bright, clear messages indicating available spaces and status messages.

Each panel can display count values of up to 5 digits and, depending upon the sign variant, there are options to display FULL, OPEN or SPACE and direction arrows.

Mobotix: M16 Thermal TR

The M16 Thermal TR is an M16 thermal imager which also features a calibrated thermal image sensor, thus allowing variances in temperatures to be detected and actioned.

Thermal radiation measurements made across the entire image area can be used to trigger an event based on the temperature increasing above or decreasing below an individually set trigger level.

The unit boasts H.264 and ONVIF compatibility and is available with three field of view options: 45, 25 or 17 degrees. Recordings are archived to an internal MicroSD card.


Security and Safety Things: Camera OS and Application Store

Security and Safety Things has created a smart camera OS which allows third party camera manufacturers to leverage a wide range of smart applications available via the Security and Safety Things Application Store. The operating system is designed to offer an industry standard for smart cameras.

Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it delivers developers’ libraries, an API framework, and codecs. Camera manufacturers can use it free of charge.

The App Store allows integrators and users to download ready-to-use AI-based applcations for IP cameras. The application store enables developers and solution providers to deliver innovative solutions, facilitating the creation of bespoke solutions.

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barox: RY-LGSP28-52/740

The RY-LGSP28-52/740 is a Layer 2/3 switch with L3 functions suitable for video over IP and video streaming. With a variety of management possibilities, it is also suitable for complex network structures. Connected devices are supplied PoE through the data cable, and support for 48 10/100/1000Mbps PoE+ allows the use of this switch in projects where additional devices are deployed to deliver smart trigger-based solutions. It also supports four optical-fibre SFP 1/10Gbps ports.

The superior backplane performance allows smooth video transmission, even with all ports assigned.

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Intercoax: IPIFY Range

Intercoax offers the IPIFY range of devices which includes more than 50 products. The range is made up of Ethernet over Coax (EoC) devices, including a comprehensive Long Range Ethernet (LRE) offering. This allows transmission of IP-based data over any copper cabling, up to a distance of 2,400 metres. The links can include PoE, with power budgets of up to 60W for any IP end device.

The IPIFY product range consists of four product groups, allowing integrators to select the right devices from the range. The product categories are One Packs (point-to-point single units made up of a transmitter and receiver bundle), Multi-Base (devices with multiple ports, in 4, 8 and 16 port variants, and the ability to support PoE up to 60W per port), Multi-Pro (the same options as the Multi-Port products, but using a Layer 2 managed switch) and Expansions (extenders for multi-port devices in both managed and unmanaged variants).

Seagate: Seagate Secure

Seagate’s self-encrypting drives (SEDs) may not be new, but constant development and changes in risk strategies have forced the technology into the spotlight. As the rise in intelligent buildings and smart cities creates datacentric systems, risk management at all levels of a system becomes critical.

Seagate has engineered its hardware-based data security measure to become an essential component of modern data protection. The integration of multiple levels of security protocols adds an additional layer of protection in Seagate Secure storage devices.


The CNGE20FX4TX16MS is a managed switch supporting 16 10/100/1000BASE-TX and 4 100/1000FX SFP ports. The environmentally hardened units are available for use with conventional CAT-5e or optical transmission media. The switches enable easy installation of all network architectures. Plug-and-play design with no need for adjustments makes their implementation fast and cost-effective.