Laser-based person detection for short ranges

Avigilon has previewed the Avigilon Presence Detector (APD), a sensor that combines self-learning analytics with impulse radar technology to accurately detect the presence of a person, even if they have stopped moving or are hidden. This sensor is designed for indoor locations such as closed indoor vestibules within banks, pharmacies, health care facilities and retail stores, and can accurately detect a person’s presence through blankets, cardboard, wood and drywall.

‘Customers such as financial institutions face challenges in maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for their patrons,’ stated James Henderson, Avigilon’s Chief Operating Officer. ‘By accurately detecting and alerting security operators of events such as a person hiding or sleeping in an unwanted location, the APD provides an exceptional solution for maintaining safe and secure operations.’

The APD is a discreet sensor that delivers 99 per cent accurate detection of a person. With a small and discreet design, the APD can be hidden above ceiling panels or behind interior walls. Available in surface, corner or wall mount options, it uses standard IP security camera infrastructure and cabling, making installation simple.

The indoor impulse radar sensor, combined with self-learning analytics, scans and learns the environment, continuously adapting to reduce false positive events, detecting the presence of a person at distances up to 9 metres from the sensor.

‘The launch of the APD marks an important milestone in Avigilon’s development of new IoT driven security solutions,’ commented Mahesh Saptharishi, Avigilon’s Chief Technology Officer. ‘The combination of sophisticated radar and analytics technology helps to solve the challenge of accurate human presence detection in constrained indoor areas where traditional devices may be limited.’

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