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Maxxess integration with OpenEye

Maxxess Systems has announced the integration of OpenEye Web Services (OWS) with Maxxess eFusion security management software. eFusion is presently installed in facilities around the globe, enabling security personnel to more precisely monitor and assess potential and emerging threats, and quickly respond to emergencies.

This new integration enables the Maxxess monitoring software to retrieve video from OpenEye video surveillance systems through OWS and view it natively.

‘Maxxess eFusion security management has always focused on improving response to critical events and security issues. The integration to OpenEye Web Services platform allows our security management software to enhance the features of access control, video surveillance, and other physical systems from one easy to use platform,’ stated Nancy Islas, President of Maxxess Systems.

Users of the integrated system can view both live and recorded video in reference to access control events. eFusion establishes a connection to recorders using OpenEye Web Services’ Web Connect technology, improving connection reliability and eliminating the need to manually manage connection settings or forward ports.