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Ocucon Cirrus Cloud

by Benchmark

Ocucon has developed a light version of its VSaaS product, Cloud by Ocucon, designed to allow the retailer sector to benefit from cloud technology for a select number of cameras.

Cirrus Cloud is a lightweight, flexible version of Cloud by Ocucon. It has all the features of the full version but, in response to retailer demand, has been optimised to work in a modular fashion for up to eight cameras per store.

Research conducted by the provider found that 99 per cent of incidents were caught by just a third of installed cameras in a typical retail outlet. As a result, the company claims on average eight cameras will be sufficient to capture most incidents.

Cirrus Cloud provides an in-store surveillance and storage service with HD footage captured continuously. The service also provides an incident and case management reporting tool that enables easy access, analysis and retrieval of incidents.

Gary Trotter, co-founder of Ocucon, stated, ‘We are always listening to feedback from our clients and we realised that by re-investing in new technology, we could offer this exciting new product to suit a wider range of retailers and their needs. Cirrus Cloud ensures the footage from sweet-spot cameras can be easily stored, analysed and retrieved.’

Ocucon developed Cloud by Ocucon to address fraudulent cases of slips, trips and falls which are estimated to cost retailers £800 million each year.