Protecting Portals: Enhancing Visitor Management

Access control delivers a high degree of protection to any site. By managing authorised and non-authorised persons, the systems not only can be used to manage and report on all entry and egress transactions, but can also reduce the need for...

IPS Intelligent Video Analytics: IPS AnalyticsManager

IPS AnalyticsManager is a web-based system designed to help create a centrally managed solution which enhances the performance of IVA options for applications where simple surveillance via cameras is not enough. Without alarm notifications, an...

Aurora FaceSentinel LR

Access control relies upon the use of some form of credential being presented to inform the system that the user has authority to enter or exit via a protected portal. In higher security applications, biometrics can offer an option, and this doesn’t...

Site Protection (Hardware): OPTEX RLS-2020S

OPTEX has offered laser detection in the form of its Redscan products for some years. Previously many laser detectors were costly and bulky, making them suitable only for high risk industrial applications. The RLS-2020S laser detector makes the...

Cyber Security: Critical specifications

The benefits of networked security solutions – openness, flexibility, ease of integration, remote connectivity, etc. – can equally be seen as risks when considering the issue of cyber security. Achieving a balance between the two aspects of the...

Panasonic issues Meltdown and Spectre statement

The latest cyber threats, Meltdown and Spectre, exploit hardware vulnerabilities in CPUs in almost every laptop or smartphone, regardless of the operating system. The vulnerabilities are also present in many other devices that make use of common...

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