VMS Installation: Milestone XProtect

Many believe that the installation of a VMS is both complex and challenging. Indeed, the thought of having to install and configure video management software is enough to put many off the technology, and instead opt for a less flexible and somewhat...

VMS Buyers’ Guide

In recent years, the arguments for switching from predominantly hardware-based NVRs to the more flexible VMS solutions have increased exponentially. Given the range of benefits on offer, coupled with ease of integration and the ability to create...

Access Control (Hardware): Inner Range Inception

Inception from Inner Range is a browser-based access control system with integrated intruder alarm functionality. It has been designed to allow simple and cost-effective connectivity from any device capable of running a browser, such as a standard...

Site Protection (Software): Texecom Texecom Connect

Texecom Connect is a smart control and automation platform based upon the company’s graded Premier Elite security system. The heart of any Texecom Connect system will be a professionally installed graded alarm system without any compromises ...

Brainchip Accelerator

With the benefits of video processing technologies such as deep learning and artificial intelligence of increasing importance to the security industry, ensuring that infrastructure can cope with the processing load is critical. As a result BrainChip...

Milestone Systems unveils an intelligent world at MIPS 2018

Neil Killick, Country Manager, UK and Ireland, Milestone Systems – the world’s number one in video management – explains why a combination of human and machine intelligence will solve the challenges that face the world. Worldwide we...

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Milestone Systems unveils an intelligent world at MIPS 2018

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