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Vaion Smart Solution

Vaion has launched an end-to-end video solution which features embedded AI technology to deliver benefits including smart analytics and enhanced intelligent search functionality. Vaion’s product line includes cameras, a software-based VMS and dedicated server hardware.

The devices incorporate embedded video and audio analytics powered by machine learning algorithms, along with intuitive interfaces to simplify operational and installation processes. The system detect threats at an early stage to enable timely and effective responses.

The Vaion product portfolio includes cameras (​Vaion v​cam) with integrated directional audio analytics, a VMS (​Vaion vcore) with embedded video analytics, security appliances (​Vaion v​server) and a hybrid cloud service (​Vaion v​cloud).

The system creates instant alerts about exceptions, and can track people and objects throughout the site. Analytics are performed in real-time from all cameras (including third-party models) at the VMS.

The hybrid cloud approach enables remote configuration and access, simplified firmware and software upgrades, and license pooling.


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