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Wavestore VMS v6.16

Wavestore has made improvements to its VMS with the introduction of v6.16. The latest version of the open platform Linux-based VMS includes support for H.265 video compression. As a result, users are now able to benefit from reductions in bandwidth and storage capacity requirements due to the efficiency of H.265 over other video formats.

Other new features include layout sequences,allowing screen displays to be defined and shown in a sequence. Each layout can be in any format and with any selection of cameras. Each step in the sequence can have an individual dwell-time.

Enhanced I/O compatibility utilises the MODBUS protocol, enabling integration of event triggered inputs and outputs processed by Adam or Moxa I/O devices. These can be linked with ‘cause and effect’ rules to perform any number of functions.

Axis VAPIX I/O devices are also integrated, giving systems integrators a wide range of options.

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