Secure platforms are a critical system element

Today’s security surveillance implementations can deliver enhanced benefits and added value for end users, thanks to the deployment of new technologies. Those companies delivering security solutions are able to implement levels of flexibility and scalability previously unavailable to the market, thus enabling the creation of smarter systems that not only protect, but also provide valuable benefits for the businesses and organisations which invest in these solutions.

Thanks to advances in Edge infrastructure, the days of security systems being one-dimensional in their functionality are over. Alongside protection for people, property and assets, today’s solutions can also deliver business efficiencies, building management and operational intelligence by exploiting the big data which is captured by always-on security implementations.

The rise of IoT deployments has accelerated the capture of data, enhancing the benefits of converged systems, and rightly end users are seeking to exploit the depth of intelligence on offer. However, this also introduces a challenge for those offering advanced security solutions as the increased number of edge devices – and the associated services running on the system – creates an enlarged attack surface unless cybersecurity best practices are strictly adhered to.

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