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Video Surveillance (Software): Cathexis – CathexisVision 2018

by Benchmark

Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018 Video Surveillance (Software) Winner: Cathexis – CathexisVision 2018

CathexisVision 2018 is the latest version of the South African manufacturer’s VMS, which offers a package combining flexibility, feature-rich functionality and ease of installation and use.

CathexisVision is available in four variants: Lite, Core, Professional and Premium. These support 48 cameras and a single server for Lite and Core (the latter enables an increased number of connections and includes additional event management tools, plus is upgradable), up 10 150 cameras with unlimited servers for Professional, and unlimited cameras and servers with the Premium package.

All versions of the video management solution support VMD (IVA is a licensable extra) and ANPR, along with various event management and alarm handling functions. Events are managed by Rules which can be configured for a variety of requirements.

The Cathexis VMS is open platform with direct integrations supporting the majority of leading camera brands in the surveillance market, along with a number of specialist options such as panoramic cameras and devices using edge-based technologies. It also supports ONVIF devices.

The VMS is made up of a server package for system management and a client for connection.

CathexisVision boasts an extended range of features, which ensures that integrators and installers have access to a sophisticated and intuitive VMS software package. Proven in many market sectors including banking, education, heavy industry, hospitality, manufacturing, airports and more, the CathexisVision intuitive user interface facilitates quick and easy installation that requires minimal training.

Cathexis has ensured that the set-up and configuration, licensing, device discovery and back-up procedures are simple and intuitive. The VMS makes use of simple set-up wizards backed with user-friendly help files. The wizards logically guide engineers through the set-up of cameras, databases, recording, analytics, events and event actions. Licensing is simple to install and maintain, and is fully scalable and upgradeable.

Managing multiple devices is made easier with an option to copy and paste settings across multiple cameras. If devices perform similar actions on event triggers, the CathexisVision software can be used to create event templates which allow the application of actions to multiple triggers.

Other features includes Snap Search, Motion Search and Activity Trails, all of which make finding specific incidents in recorded footage easy and fast, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Adjacent Camera Mapping allows operators to track suspects across multiple cameras at the click of a button. The user does not need to know which camera to choose when a suspect moves out of view; clicking an arrow depicting the direction of movement causes the adjacent camera to be displayed.

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