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12 to Try: Visitor Management

by Benchmark

Benchmark looks at 12 products and systems of interest for security installers and system integrators actively involved in the installation of access control systems that must include visitor management.

Paxton: Net2 Entry Touch

Paxton’s award-winning Net2 Entry Touch panel comes with a host of premium features, including a high quality 7 inch colour touch screen and numerous personalisation options, making it suitable for a very wider range of applications.

The product’s design and build quality has seen it awarded two prestigious design awards: the 2017 iF DESIGN AWARD in the Building Technology category and the Red Dot Product Design Award 2017.

Ideal for a range of applications, the advanced functionality and intuitive operation enables installers and integrators to offer a premium security option as part of the Net2 Entry range. Designed in response to installer and integrator feedback, the touch panel is available in three variations: flush-mount, surface-mount and rain hood.

The panel has an IK7 impact protection rating with an easy to read anti-glare screen for optimal daytime viewing. The user interface is simple and straightforward to navigate, offering dynamic search functionality alongside customisable branding options.

Additional features also include a line-out for use with a T-Loop antenna for users with hearing aids and an advanced sound processor for clearer sound quality. A high contrast theme makes the screen easier to read.

Net2 Entry consists of just three components that auto-detect on set up. These are an external panel, interior monitor and door controller.

Panasonic: VL-SWD501EX

The VL-SWD501EX from Panasonic is a wireless video intercom system. It is made up of three elements: a door station with integral camera, a main monitor station and a wireless monitor station. It uses a combination of two-wire connectivity between the door station and main monitor, a wireless connection between the main monitor and the sub monitor.

The kit is supplied with a VL-V554EX surface mount door station; a variance of the kit is available with a flush mount option.

There is also a VL-MWD501EX main monitor station which is surface mount. These two elements are typical of mainstream door entry systems, and as such will be immediately familiar to a number of installers and integrators. The final element of the kit is a VL-WD613EX wireless monitor station. This is a handheld unit which allows the user to interact with the system from anywhere within the property.

The viewing angle of the camera is 170 degrees horizontally by 115 degrees vertically. The door station does include illumination LEDs, and the quoted sensitivity is stated as 1 lux within 500mm of the unit. The door station has a single press button for visitors.

Urmet: Max Touchscreen Monitor

The Max touchscreen monitor features a 7 inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. The unit, which can be flush- or surface-mounted, features full duplex audio communications plus support for two megapixel cameras to allow high quality video communications.

Designed for aesthetic appeal, the monitor includes backlit buttons for notifications and a 9mm profile when the flush-mount version is selected.

Other features include LAN and WiFi connectivity, an integral microSD card slot, integration with YOKIS radio-based building automation and IperHome building automation systems, with support for additional third party smart home manufacturers.

Visitor management is assisted via the monitor’s audio and video call services, image capture and voice messaging including communications between multiple monitors.

Aiphone: JPS-4AEDV

The JPS-4AEDV is a video door entry kit based upon the JP series of products. The kit is made up of the JP-4MED hands-free colour video master station, the JP-DV video door station and the PS-2420UL power supply unit. The kit is suitable for a single door application; however it can be expanded to support up to four video door stations and eight hands-free master stations.

The JPS-4AEDV follows the traditional model for video door entry, and as such will suit applications were a standalone system is required for visitor and contractor management. With regard to aesthetics, the external call points are immediately recognisable, while the master stations have a sleek finish due to the fact that all but one button (to switch the monitor on) are accessed via the touchscreen.

The JP-DV video door station uses a colour camera with 1/4 inch CMOS sensor, and has a stated resolution of 525 lines.

Minimum illumination is quoted as 5 lux with a viewing distance of 500mm. The viewing angle of the camera is 170 degrees (horizontal) and 100 degrees (vertical).

The door station features a PTZ function, and includes white light LED illuminators for use during low light conditions. There are three styles of door station available.

The door station offers two-way hands-free voice communication with the master station, which is a JP-4MED unit. This features a 7 inch touchscreen display. The unit can be used in hands-free mode, or where privacy is an issue the included handset can be used.

Axis: AXIS A8105–E

The AXIS A8105–E is a standalone IP-based door station. It is deployed as an add-on device to a surveillance system, and does not make use of a traditional handset and monitor.

The AXIS A8105–E delivers 1920 x 1200 video streams at frame rates of 25fps (with WDR enabled) or 50fps (with WDR disabled) using a 1/2.8 inch progressive scan CMOS sensor. The camera features a 2.8mm lens with a horizontal field-of-view of 180 degrees and a vertical field-of-view of 120 degrees. The lens is IR corrected. Image format is H.264, with baseline, main and high profiles. Motion JPEG is also supported.

Duplex audio streaming is supported with echo cancellation and noise reduction to achieve high audio quality. The door station, which features an integral speaker and microphone, can support SIP connections. This makes it compatible with a wide range of VoIP systems.

The AXIS A8105–E is, in effect, a networked video camera and as such includes many of the proprietary technologies offered with the company’s range of cameras. These include multiple streaming, WDR forensic capture, corridor format, privacy masking, digital PTZ and Zipstream dynamic encoding. The latter is used for bandwidth management.

With regard to smart functionality, the video door station can be loaded with third-party applications supported by the ACAP scheme. It also supports integral video motion detection, active tampering alarm and audio detection.

Lock control requires integration with a safety relay box (AXIS A9801) or the network door controller (AXIS A1001). There is a single 12V DC power output; power input is PoE.

Videx: Digital GSM Intercom

The Digital GSM Intercom system makes use of mobile phone technology to operate automatic gates, doors and remote site installations. Based on the same technology as the GSM PRO series, the Digital GSM is available with the same styling as the 4000 series and vandal resistant options, with the panel self-contained and only requiring an external power supply, antenna and standard size SIM card.

The Digital GSM can call up to 500 apartments, each with a divert facility to call up to 3 additional telephone numbers if necessary.

Proximity-based access control is included as standard for up to 2,000 users, and a coded access facility is also available for up to 500 users.

Up to 2,000 telephone numbers can be stored, allowing users to use the ‘dial to open’ feature. This allows authorised users to dial the Digital GSM and release a door or gate without being charged for the call.

A voice-based support function assists visitors by guiding them through the steps of making a call to gain access.

Hikvision: Intercom Door System

The Hikvision Intercom Door System kit is made up of three elements: an IP video intercom door station (DS-KV8402-IM), an IP video intercom indoor station (DS-KH8301-WT) and a video/audio distributor (DS-KAD606).

The external unit is billed as a Villa door station and supports up to four doors. Based on an embedded Linux operating system, the door station includes an HD720p low-light colour camera which delivers video streams at 25 frames per second. The camera, which uses H.264 compression, includes integral infrared illuminators for night time use.

The door station also includes an integral omnidirectional microphone and a loudspeaker for audio communication. Audio compression uses the G.711 U standard at a rate of 64Kbps. Quality is enhanced due to the use of noise suppression and echo cancellation technologies.

Other features include an integral card reader, an RTE input and automatic door status monitoring. It can support up to eight inputs, with a single output.

Mobotix: Mx-T25 IP Video Door Station

The Mx-T25 IP video door station is available in two variants: one includes a day mode camera module and the other a night mode variant. Both camera modules offer 180 degree coverage. The Mx-T25 units can be used with the MxDisplay+ video remote station.

The door stations are supplied ready for use as they are preconfigured in the Mobotix factory.

The high resolution door camera captures the entire entrance area with no blind spots using its panorama view. The image sensors deliver a 6 megapixel video stream (3072 x 2048) with a maximum frame rate of 4fps at the highest resolution or 15fps at HD1080p. The cameras support 8x digital zoom, as well as digital pan and tilt.

Sensitivity is quoted as 0.1 lux for the day mode camera and 0.02 lux for the night mode version.

Both cameras include a microSD card slot with a 4GB card included for local archiving. Power for the devices is PoE.

Fermax: DUOX

DUOX from Fermax has been designed to deliver an advanced visitor management system while retaining simplicity with regards to installation.

The system only requires two non-polarised wires for installation. The system is fully digital, and the approach taken by the manufacturer offers an advantage to installers and integrators.

The system topology ensures that it is not only quick to install, but also has no margin for error as polarity is not an issue.

The DUOX architecture allows all types of connections including star, daisy chain or distributed connectivity. The system also does not require distributors or switches. The full installation can be completed with only a door panel, power supply, line termination and monitors.

DUOX has been specifically designed to be installed in both new builds and legacy system upgrades. To ensure a high level of flexibility, it can manage up to 1,000,000 users or addresses.

Fermax offers a wide range of door stations and monitors, and this enables users to select the monitor station which best suits their needs.

Comelit: Simplehome

Simplehome from Comelit is an integrated solution that brings together access control and visitor management with video surveillance, intruder alarm and a host of home automation and communications options. As end user demand for smart and connected solutions increases, the system offers a modular and scalable product that delivers end user satisfaction whilst also presenting installers and integrators with an upgrade path.

By allowing the user to control and monitor their own environment, automating or remotely controlling a range of services whilst also enjoying a level of protection, the system elevates the package of access control, surveillance and alarm management into a lifestyle product.

The modular approach allows installers and integrators to select Mifare-based access control, two-wire or digital video door entry stations, video surveillance using IP, analogue or digital over coax options, hard-wired or wireless intruder alarm and home automation, and all can be brought together via a user-friendly interface.

Simplehome offers full flexibility with regard to video- and audio-based door entry communications via handheld and smart devices such as PCs, tablets or smartphones to better suit user needs. Control can also be via dedicated management devices.

Dahua: DHI-VTH1660CH/VTO1220BW

Dahua’s VTO1220BW is a Linux-based video door entry call panel which uses a 1.3 megapixel camera to deliver H.264-based video streams as well as high quality audio communication.
Featuring an integral microphone and built-in speaker, the door panel supports bidirectional communication.

The door panel features a 3.5 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, and operation is touch controlled. The door station also includes an integral reader for authorised users.
Door monitoring is supported as standard, and the unit includes 128MB internal memory to capture images of callers.

The VTH1660CH is a colour 10.2 inch TFT LCD monitor with a capacitive touch screen housed within a stylish metal frame. To enhance system flexibility, it supports 8 wire alarm inputs or home automation devices. Communication can be established between the IP-based monitors if required.

Callers are also able to leave audio and video messages if there is no one at the premises. Power is PoE, and edge recording is via an SD card slot.

CAME BPT: X-Air Plus+

CAME BPT’s X-Air Plus+ builds on the X-Airs capabilities of allowing calls from the video door entry station to be answered using a smartphone or tablet. X-Air Plus+ uses miniserver technology, allowing up to ten devices to be called rather than three with the standard system.

X-Air Plus+ can also integrate seamlessly with Crestron touchscreen devices without the need for an additional BPT server. A mixture of tablets, smartphones, Crestron devices and traditional monitors can be used with the system, making X-Air Plus+ flexible and versatile for the majority of domestic visitor management needs.

The miniserver can also act as a secure network device, providing isolation of the network within an apartment to ensure complete privacy in multi-apartment installations.

The X-Air Plus+ kit includes a fixed monitor, an IP-based intercom plus six device licenses (expandable up to 10 devices).

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