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Bosch Security IVA

by Benchmark

Bosch offers its IVA video analytics tool at the edge as a standard feature of many of its cameras and codecs. The free-of-charge addition ensures that relevant and critical video can be easily identified and used to create alarm scenarios.

IVA adds metadata which creates usable and effective structure to live and captured video footage at the point of capture, allowing a variety of actions to be implemented. For example, users can chose to only stream relevant footage, are able to retrieve evidential video with ease, and can generate alarm events as and when necessary based upon a wide range of criteria.

Benchmark selected IVA from Bosch Security because of its in-depth configuration options, its flexibility and its accuracy in real-world scenarios. Additionally, often when we encounter ‘free’ video analytics, the available discriminations and depth of configuration leave much to be desired. This is not the case with IVA. Indeed, it can compete with many premium analytics offerings.

IVA offers a range of rules, including object detection for entering and exiting a zone, line crossing including multiple lines in a logical row, objects following a route, loitering, idle objects, objects left or removed, object change, object counting, overhead people counting, crowd levels, motion based on direction and speed, wrong way motion and face detection.

Because IVA can be deployed at the edge, this reduces network load. The devices can stream video footage with metadata, or the metadata alone. Users can also find events that were originally not set up as alerts using the forensic search.

Cameras can detect events, such as moving objects in a scene, and dynamically optimise image processing to ensure perfect exposure.

IVA is designed for the most demanding environments and has the flexibility to deliver accuracy in critical applications such as perimeter protection for high risk sites, traffic monitoring, asset tracking and a wide range of other applications.

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