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by Benchmark

Simplehome from Comelit is an integrated solution that brings together access control and visitor management with video surveillance, intruder alarm and a host of home automation and communications options. As end user demand for smart and connected solutions increases, the system offers a modular and scalable product that delivers end user satisfaction whilst also presenting installers and integrators with an upgrade path.

Benchmark selected Simplehome because it eliminates the ‘grudge’ element when a householder is considering an investment in security. By allowing the user to control and monitor their own environment, automating or remotely controlling a range of services whilst also enjoying a level of protection, the system elevates the package of access control, surveillance and alarm management into a lifestyle product.

Aside from setting or unsetting, end users typically only see the value in a security system when they become a victim of crime. However, the Simplehome approach sees the customer interacting with the system on a day-to-day basis for positive reasons.

The modular approach allows installers and integrators to select Mifare-based access control, two-wire or digital video door entry stations, video surveillance using IP, analogue or digital over coax options, hard-wired or wireless intruder alarm and home automation, and all can be brought together via a user-friendly interface. Control can be via dedicated management devices. Alternatively, the user can interact with the system via a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Users can create scenarios, which allow various system elements to be controlled via a simple command. For example, a ‘Going Out’ mode might set the alarm and switch off lights in the house. Alternatively, lighting control allows the user to create the look of an occupied dwelling while they are away.

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