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by Benchmark

VCA Technology offers its IPVM (intelligent public video monitor) to assist retailers with business intelligence tasks as well as detering criminals who may target their sites. Public view monitors with integral image capture devices have been available for some time, but the IPVM is enhanced through the use of additional video analytics technology and remote reporting functions.

VCA Technology has equipped the IPVM with a number of additional smart features which offer added value and real-world benefits to retail marketing teams and merchandisers as well as loss prevention and security managers.
The IPVM utilises high definition camera technology, and this works in conjunction with facial detection software. This enables the system to capture clear facial records of everyone that enters a store or a specific department, based upon where the system is located.

The facial images captured by the integral Full HD camera – which is discreetly located within the IPVM’s housing – can also be used to verify where individuals have been within the retail space.

The camera within the IPVM incorporates VCA Technology’s intelligent video content analysis engine. The available rules include people counting and tracking capabilities. The analytics can therefore be utilised to produce heat maps as well as data on how long each customer dwells in specific areas of a store. It can also be deployed to track how long customers have queued when used in conjunction with the uCountit cloud based software.

Benchmark selected the IPVM because as well as delivering a security tool with a high deterrent effect, it also delivers a full range of multi-discipline business intelligence tools. This enhances the return on investment for users, and offers a high degree of flexibility as it can deployed in departments or even individual aisles, as well as at store entrances and exits.

IPVM can be further supported by uCountit, VCA’s cloud-based analytics reporting system that can be accessed via a standard web browser. As a cloud-based solution, it offers users the convenience of access to a management dashboard from any location on the network. This presents the analysed metadata in the form of simple charts, heat maps and reports. This enables managers at a regional or head office to monitor activity at individual stores and make comparisons with the performance of other sites.

IPVM is equipped with a built-in SD card slot. This can store clips or slides, allowing the system to display welcome messages or advertisements relating to in-store promotions. The edge storage allows customisation of each IPVM, allowing each device to have specific messages depending on its location.

Using the integral camera and analytics, areas of interest can be established as detection zones or tripwires. When events occur, the images can be recorded and transmitted to a mobile device for instant review. In addition, when an event occurs, the monitor can switch into live mode to show real-time activity.

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