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2N Indoor View upgraded to provide surveillance

by Geny Caloisi

Designed for high-end residential projects, the 2N Indoor View now plays a dual role as a surveillance device and a control panel for complex home automation systems.

2N’s new firmware allows up to four IP cameras to be connected to the answering unit. These IP cameras do not even need to be connected to the intercom – they only need to be in the same local network as the answering unit. In this way, the resident can use the 2N Indoor View’s 7” colour touchscreen display inside their home to see what is going on in the hallway, behind the house or in the garage.

Photos can be taken from each intercom call – including missed calls. Imagine, for example, that there has been a spate of burglaries in your area and you are worried about burglars trying the intercom to see if anyone is at home. The 2N Indoor View now automatically captures snapshots from each call – including missed calls – and adds them to the call log. The unit takes more than one picture in case the person at the door has turned sideways or had their hand in front of the camera at the key moment.

The unit can also act as the home automation control panel: HTTP commands can now be sent from the 2N Indoor View, meaning that it is possible to control home automation functions – such as turning on the lights, opening the blinds and calling the lift – directly from the answering unit.

Michal Kratochvíl, CEO of 2N Telekomunikace, said, “We know from residents in luxury properties that they want their smart devices to give them enhanced security and convenience, and that they have no patience with products that don’t work well together. This upgrade has met those needs both by turning the 2N Indoor View into a surveillance device and by putting at the heart of the smart home ecosystem.”

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