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360 Vision Offers Temperature Scanning

by Benchmark

Responding to requests for an accurate and reliable elevated body temperature screening solution, 360 Vision Technology offers Celsius. A non-contact temperature monitoring solution for standalone use, or integration into access control or VMS, the ONVIF-compliant Celsius utilises proven thermal technology to deliver its accurate, high speed, elevated body temperature screening.

Ideal for use to identify individuals with an elevated body temperature (one of the symptoms related to COVID-19), Celsius can be easily and quickly deployed to help prevent and reduce the spread of infection, and increase the level of protection for staff, visitors and contractors. In addition, a raised body temperature reading can also indicate a raised level of anxiety which might, for example, provide an alert to a potential terror suspect.

Applications for effective Celsius deployment include anywhere where it would be desirable to detect persons with elevated body temperature, for example at entrances to commercial premises, schools, airports, and border control. Competitively priced, Celsius alleviates the headache of GDPR compliance as the system does not store any onboard visual data.

Supporting long-term reliability and accurate temperature reading, the Celsius system’s Reference Control Body is hard-wired to the Camera Control Unit, providing constant ambient temperature calibration. This ensures fluctuations in ambient temperature are attenuated to the thermal camera’s output, meaning there is no need to detach or remove the system for calibration.

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