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A Simpler Approach to IP Solutions

by Benchmark

With the growth in demand for IoT systems, an increasing number of businesses and organisations are seeking flexible, scalable solutions which deliver a wide range of value-added benefits. Many of these systems will have video, audio and status data as core elements, and while many of these features are widely used for security, safety and site management, there are a plethora of other benefits which can be supported through the wider use of these technologies.

Traditionally, many of these systems used UTP or coaxial cable links. As businesses and organisations inevitably upgrade to network-based systems, much of the legacy infrastructure is ripped out and replaced with network infrastructure. This move is time consuming, disruptive and costly. However, businesses will make such an investment to realise the inherent benefits of IoT-based technologies.

For many users, one stumbling block when it comes to the switch to IoT-based solutions is the infrastructure costs. The labour costs alone of ripping out legacy cabling and replacing it with new can be staggering, and when the additional hardware (such as repeaters, power, cabinets, etc. every 100 metres) is added, it becomes difficult to justify the investment.

Frost and Sullivan introduced new Local Area Network (LAN) principles (the whitepaper can be found on www.themodernLAN.org) to address these challenges. Foundational to these principles are disruptive PoE innovations that are proven to address the many challenges organisations face today. By utilising these PoE innovations which deliver high quality long reach PoE delivery (such as the CHARIoT series from NVT Phybridge), a site can enjoy high speed efficient network connectivity over legacy UTP or coaxial cabling, without a need for repeaters over transmission distances of up to 1,800 metres. That represents an increase of 18 times the range of traditional TCP/IP links, without the need for a repeater.

To understand the cost-efficiencies, this means costs of removing legacy infrastructure and replacing it with new cabling are eliminated, as are the costs of installing repeaters (of which 17 would be required to achieve the maximum distance of a long reach system). Using NVT Phybridge PoE innovations, the legacy cabling would be capable of supporting full-duplex 100Mbps network traffic over distances of over 1.8km (dependent upon models selected). The data link behaves as any standard network, allowing multiple devices to use the infrastructure. These devices can include video cameras or codecs, audio and VoIP telephony, data, signals from IoT devices, access control and building management information, etc..

These devices form a part of the network infrastructure, and as such all attached devices work as normal. Performance is not compromised, but the solution can create significant cost-savings for sites looking to implement smart security, IoT or advanced integrated solutions.

Implementing NVT Phybridge Long Reach PoE Solutions

NVT Phybridge is a provider of Power over Long Reach Ethernet solutions. The systems enable businesses and organisations to maximise their IoT return on investment by delivering high quality PoE infrastructure which is robust, secure and simple to implement. The award-winning CHARIoT series of long reach PoE switches and extenders allow upgrading to an IP-based network, transforming existing or new infrastructure into a long reach IP path with power.

NVT Phybridge has created the Simple IP Promotion to help businesses achieve a simple, secure and cost-effective upgrade for their IP and IoT solutions. The promotion includes three distinct product bundles available from selected distributors at a discounted rate.

The bundled solutions each include a long reach PoE switch, plus all the adapters required to support IP and IoT devices with up to 914 metres reach.

The promotion is available through participating distributors until the end of November 2020 in North America, and the end of February 2021 in the EU and UK.

From left to right: the PoLRE LPC Simple IP bundle, the EC10 Simple IP bundles and the FLEX8 Simple IP bundle.

The PoLRE LPC bundle includes an 8-port PoE switch and 8 adapters to deliver Power over Ethernet over any new or existing single-pair UTP infrastructure. The PoLRE LPC bundle delivers fast Ethernet (10Mbps, symmetrical, full-duplex) and PoE over a single pair of UTP cable with up to 365 metres reach.

The EC10 Simple IP bundle includes a 10-port Ethernet over Coax PoE switch and 10 adapters to deliver Power over Ethernet over any new or existing coaxial cable infrastructure. The EC10 bundle delivers fast Ethernet (100Mbps, symmetrical, full-duplex) and PoE+ (30W) over a single coaxial cable with up to 915 metres reach.

The FLEX8 Simple IP bundle includes an 8-port PoE switch and 8 adapters to deliver Power over Ethernet over any new or existing multi-pair UTP infrastructure. The FLEX8 bundle delivers fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps, symmetrical, full-duplex) and PoE++ (50W) over multi-pair UTP cable with up to 610 metre reach.

Participating distributors include Anixter UK, Wood Communications and Norbain. Agreements are being sought with other distributors and NVT Phybridge expects to expand the list in the coming weeks.

The Simple IP Promotion includes NVT Phybridge’s unmanaged switches, but the manufacturer also has an extensive product portfolio which includes managed switches, unmanaged switches and single port extender solutions to deliver PoE with up to 1,800 metre reach.


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