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A Victory over False Alarms

by Benchmark

DODs – deliberately operated devices – are a well-established part of intruder alarm system architecture. Whether deployed for panic situations or to be activated when a customer is under duress, these devices can prove to be essential in a crime is taking place while a system in unset.

Typically used when a crime against a person is underway, panic buttons need to be able to elicit an immediate response. Over the years, these devices have been somewhat controversial when it comes to defining a false alarm. Early units often consisted of a simple press button and could be activated if accidentally knocked. As a result, the buttons were designed to be recessed, and a dual push was required to eliminate nuisance activations.

Unfortunately, one issue with panic alarms is how people use them. If, for example, a retailer saw a crime occurring in the street and used the panic button to trigger an automatic police response, this was often flagged as a nuisance alarm. As such, installers must ensure their customers are aware what does and what does not constitute acceptable use.

DoubleButton is the latest wireless hold-up device from Ajax Systems. Housed in a dust- and moisture-resistant casing, it features dual buttons which have been designed with protection against accidental activations. The unit can be mounted or mobile, and supports wireless communication with the Ajax hub over distances of up to 1,300 metres. Battery life is quoted as five years.

When activated, DoubleButton indicates it is in an alarm state as the LED frame of the unit flashes. The DoubleButton panic alarm combines an ergonomic design with technologies from Ajax to deliver a reliable and secure solution. A panic alarm signal is only activated if both buttons are pressed simultaneously. A plastic divider prevents accidental activations. DoubleButton can be safely carried in a pocket as a key fob or hung from the neck. There is a hole in the back to allow the attachment of lanyards if necessary.

DoubleButton can generate a confirmed alarm which can then be transmitted to an ARC to achieve a first police response when used in a graded system. A confirmed alarm can be generated by pressing both buttons twice in a different way, combining short and long presses, in any sequence. The installation engineer will need to instruct users in the process, eliminating unnecessary police call-outs.

With DoubleButton and OS Malevich 2.10, the Ajax security system complies with PD 6662:2017 and can be connected to ARCs throughout the UK.

Once a notification has been sent to the ARC, the Ajax security system can take measures to counter any threat. The installer can configure the system to support scenarios for automation devices which are triggered by a DoubleButton alarm. For instance, built-in relays can discreetly close electric locks, activate a smoke generation machine, or lower roller shutters

A Holder accessory is available for attaching a DoubleButton device to a surface. This mount allows the device to be fixed in a discreet location, but it is also possible for it to still be used as a mobile panic button. With one click, DoubleButton is fitted into the holder in a hidden location such as under a table, at a front door or in a cash register. Detaching it is simple, with no need to disassemble the DoubleButton housing or use tools. The Holder is a universal mount and is also suitable for the Button smart button.



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