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Abloy Academy announces new dates for 2023

by Geny Caloisi

For 2023, Abloy UK is offering Academy Foundations and Foundations Plus CPD courses, which provide attendees with invaluable insight into emergency and panic escape compliance.

Installation companies, security managers, end users, and specifiers can take the free courses to ensure maximum safety and security while helping to save lives.

In the Foundations course, delegates will understand the minimum legal standards for access control locking applications for fire and escape doors, BS EN 179 and BS EN 1125, and learn how to specify only compliant products. In addition, they include the new BS EN 13637 standard for electronically controlled exit systems.

Following the Foundation course, the Foundation Plus course further educates delegates on in-depth industry standards and compliance terminology. This knowledge enables attendees to specify products appropriate to the application and the door type.

Abloy UK Commercial Director Pat Jefferies leads both courses as an expert in locks and door opening solutions. Pat is retained by BSI and CEN as the UK’s Electric Locking Technical Expert, and is a member of committees responsible for the development and improvement of new standards and legislation across Europe.

Pat explains, “Abloy UK has always been deeply committed to setting the standard when it comes to emergency and panic escape compliance, and life safety is a critical issue in which we believe education is imperative.

“Although our products are renowned for their high performance and superior quality, this can only be realised by the abilities of the people who specify and install them. Specifying and installing a non-compliant solution could put the occupants of a building in danger, and we want to eliminate this risk.

“That’s why we developed the Abloy Academy over 13 years ago – to provide training of the highest standard. In that time, the Academy brand has gone from strength to strength to be widely recognised as a mark of excellence and accreditation.

“Evolving legislation means that it’s also important to stay up to date with the latest best practice, and being proactive with training is a great way to kick off the New Year.

“It’s not just standards for standard’s sake. Ultimately, if an emergency escape system is not compliant, then lives are at risk, so I take great pride in knowing that the Academy is doing its part in helping people escape safely from a building if they need to.”

The day-long courses occur at Abloy UK headquarters in Willenhall, West Midlands. Courses are free of charge, offering attendees a complimentary educational experience that can provide two years of validity on industry standards.

The courses will run on the following dates:

FoundationsFoundations Plus
26th January 2023
22nd February 202323rd February 2023
30th March 2023
20th April 2023
24th May 202325th May 2023
29th June 2023
27th July 2023
24th August 2023
27th September 202328th September 2023
26th October 2023
29th November 202330th November 2023


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