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PACOM 8003

by Benchmark

The PACOM 8003 is an intelligent control board, which can operate in a standalone capacity within smaller or remote environments, or as part of a fully integrated access control and alarm system for larger buildings and multi-site applications with more complex needs. It is suited to a wide range of applications, protecting entire premises or delivering protection for smaller niche projects.

Satellite sites, such as utility substations or distributed facilities, can enjoy a reduced cost of installation; something made simpler by the small footprint of the device. It can also be used for communications field devices or automated teller machines (ATMs) in banks or retail spaces, providing a high level of protection against events by creating alarm notifications in case of communication outages, power loss or critical component failure.

The controller is IP connected, the is built based upon PACOM Edge technology. The 8003 controller is easy to configure, as it can be remotely programmed and adjusted using the corporate Ethernet network of the relevant business or organisation. This not only enhances system management, but also reduces the need for dedicated security cabling.

When used for access control applications, the 8003 can support up to eight doors, each with an in and out reader to allow the implementation of anti-passback control. In its standard form, the controller supports up to 1,000 credentials, but this can be expanded to 500,00 with the addition of an SD memory card, along with 50,000 transactions.

Flexibility is high, as the 8003 supports an unlimited number of access levels along with 256 time schedules. Five holiday types can also be specified.

Compatible with 26-bit Wiegand, HID Corporate 1000 (35-bit) and Wiegand Custom (up to 32-bit) cards, the PACOM 8003 supports 8 inputs and 2 relay outputs, along with up to 16 readers.

Along with Ethernet 10/100 BaseT connections, the 8003 also supports RS232, RS485, USB and PACOM expansion ports. Additional devices include expansion boards, comms boards and additional items such as keypads and additional controllers.

For resilience, the 8003 includes power status monitoring and battery back-up.

Designed to be installed in any location rated for a 3U rackmount device, the PACOM 8003 can be configured via an internet-based interface, using a standard template or custom configuration. Installer-friendly tools allow remote monitoring, management and maintenance.

An important feature of the 8003 is its dual flash ROM, which enables two versions of firmware to be installed at the same time. This ensures that any remote upgrades can be carried out without any system downtime or service disruptions.