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Access Control (Software): Inner Range – Integriti V18

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Benchmark Innovation Awards 2018 Access Control (Software) Winner: Inner Range – Integriti V18

Inner Range’s Integriti technology platform delivers a security solution with cost-savings being achieved due to its integrated security, access control and building automation functionality. The software is ideal for use in a wide range of applications, as it is fully scalable. This makes it ideal for small sites, mainstream applications and campus-style or distributed multi-site organisations.

It makes use of a flexible and modular design, ensuring that integrators and installers can ‘mix and match’ components and features to ensure the end user is only paying for system elements they require.
Based upon IP networked infrastructure, integrators and installers can either reuse legacy cabling or can deliver a dedicated security network, enabling a high degree of secure connectivity.

The system combines security alarm functionality with access control and building automation. Users can control access and egress, set and unset alarms, monitor movements of people and assets, control elevators or HVAC systems based upon occupancy and the security permissions of individual card-holders, etc.. Integrations are simple as the system makes use of dedicated partnerships to deliver a seamless experience. The software interface allows all system elements to be managed from one front-end, which makes use of intuitive Windows-based software.

Users can monitor and control traffic around the site, including personnel and vehicles. Critical assets can also be managed, with permissions configurable for a wide range of criteria. The management of access permissions offers control over who can go where and when, including visitors and contractors. People can also be linked with specific departments, or assets, to ensure a real-time log is kept of all important activity.

Unlike many access control solutions, Integriti combines access control data with the management and reporting of security alarms. Based upon permissions and system configurations, authorised individuals can change security status of departments, buildings or an entire site via their access control transactions.

A real-time audit trail can also be helpful if a business needs to ensure and/or prove compliance with business procedures or regulatory obligations.

Combining access control and security monitoring also makes sense when a site needs to respond to emergency situations, such as lockdowns or evacuations.

Remote connectivity is also supported. Users can monitor and control an Integriti system with iOS and Android Apps.

Integrations allow an entire system to be managed from a single interface. Systems can include video surveillance, biometric identification and/or verification, fire detection, asset tracking, personnel protection, lighting, HVAC and more.

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