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AIMMO brings AI-powered data labelling technology to Europe

by Geny Caloisi

South Korean-headquartered AI data labelling company AIMMO, has announced the opening of its new European operations in the UK, as part of its global expansion.

The company’s services power AI systems by collecting, labelling and curating image, video, sound, text and sensor fusion data that is used to train intelligent recognition processes. AIMMO’s service removes time and cost from AI training processes, allowing customers to focus on the important functional performance of their automated systems from algorithm development to model training & tuning and operationalisation.

AIMMO has developed extensive expertise in data labelling services for distinct operational verticals – autonomous mobility, robotics, industry 4.0, smart city, intelligent surveillance and retail operations.

The company’s services in smart mobility support engineers developing ADAS and autonomous driving systems, off-highway automation in agricultural, extractives and military applications and tier suppliers focused on the development of perception systems and hardware.

For civic authorities, AIMMO’s services provide the raw data materials to power smart city computer vision solutions to help manage critical infrastructure systems including water, energy, waste and mass transit.

AIMMO’s data labelling is also critical to the training and management of robotic processes in factories and in the automation of the consumer and enterprise operations of media companies.

By providing an end-to-end service across the AI value chain from Ground Truth to Data Inspection, AIMMO is able to remove cost and time from customer processes while delivering enhanced accuracy. For pre-set AI, AIMMO typically reduces data labelling effort by 50% and delivers accuracy of 95%+, with custom AI smart labelling also achieving significant reductions in time and improvements in accuracy.

Following a 200% growth in revenues in 2021 and a successful Series A round, the Gyeonggi Province-headquartered company has expanded into Japan and has selected the UK for its new European operations, based on the country’s global leadership in AI readiness and high levels of public and private investment in AI & Machine Learning. AIMMO’s European offices are based at the MIRA Technology Park in Nuneaton, Warwickshire and will be led by David Marks, CEng, an automotive industry veteran formerly of Bosch Automotive and SPX Service Solutions.

David Marks said, “I have been very impressed by AIMMO’s growth trajectory, their client portfolio and the company’s unique and focused service offer for its customers. I am very excited to be part of bringing this significant competence to the European market and be part of enabling new automated technologies to take root and thrive.”


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