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Aiphone IX Mobile App

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Dealing with visitors is one of the major benefits of many entry control systems, and in today’s market the use of Mobile Apps to facilitate remote control is an expectation for many end users. With this in mind, Aiphone has released IX Mobile to enable remote connectivity with its IP-based solution.

Users of the Aiphone IX IP network PoE based intercom and security system are now able to remotely utilise many of its key features via Android and Apple smartphones and tablets, thanks to the launch of a new mobile app.

Designed to enhance the flexibility and ease of use of the IX system, Aiphone’s free mobile app, which is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, enables users to receive calls from any IX Series intercom unit, including the IX-MV master station. The application is compatible with Android v4.1 and Apple iOS v8.0 or later.

Users can use the mobile devices to activate contacts to remotely release door strikes. The mobile app is also equipped with four buttons for users to programme commonly used functions, whilst also included is the ability to view any door or emergency station. The mobile device running the app can connect to the IX system via a WiFi connection or 4G/LTE connection using a VPN. Up to 8 mobile devices can be supported.

The IX system has been designed to provide communication with an infinite number of doors and to interact with other IP devices and security systems. It offers video entry security, internal communication, emergency station management and multicast paging.

The IX system’s full range of functions can be implemented between remote locations over large areas and distances. The app enables the system to provide an ideal intercom and security solution for any type of application involving multiple locations.

The Aiphone IX system is fully scalable and allows a ‘mix-and-match’ approach with regard to attached door and master stations. It allows connectivity between video door entry and access control solutions, and uses new or legacy CAT‑5e or CAT‑6 network infrastructure.

The IP-addressable system supports continual streaming from video door stations or from ONVIF compliant video devices. It also allows integration with Lenel’s OnGuard solution.

Other features include the ability to automatically forward missed calls, carry out paging with priority levels, priority call queuing and the transfer of door calls to any master station.

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