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Ajax expands into the Argentinean market

by Geny Caloisi
Ajax Systems is entering the Argentinean market and plans to enhance its influence in the region and build a local team.

Thanks to recently receiving the FCC and IC certificates, Ajax is able to spread to new regions where the 915 MHz frequency band is used. This involves markets such as Latin America, the US, Canada, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Starting from February 2, Ajax wireless Jeweller products will be available for sale from the company’s first official partner and distributor in the region, Getterson, an Argentine alarm distributor. 

The new Fibra lineup of wired devices will become available on the coming months.

Diego Di Giuseppe, Sales Director for Italy, Iberia and LatAm at Ajax Systems said “Together, we can bring the Argentine security market to a new level with the cutting-edge technology that has already revolutionised the European market. With its ease and speed of installation, Ajax provides new opportunities and higher profit both for installation and monitoring businesses.”

To strengthen this move, Federico Keselman has also joined Ajax Systems as a regional sales manager in Argentina. Having over 24 years of experience in technology and customer service organisations, Federico is an expert in the field of security system sales.

DI Giuseppe concluded, “Hiring Federico is the first step in our strategic positioning plan. We focus on attracting local talent to offer the best service and technical support for Argentine customers.”

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