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Ajax – Hub 2 Plus

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Historically, alarm systems were used for one reason: to signal an alarm once an intruder had gained access to a property. Much of this had to do with limitations in intruder alarm systems, coupled with a lack of flexible infrastructure. However, today’s intruder alarm technology offers a number of additional benefits, allowing end-users to enjoy added value and greater convenience from their systems, which enhances the return on investment.

Like many security systems, intruder detection works by gathering a vast array of data about the real-time status at a site. Modern solutions enjoy a high level of data processing and storage, allowing a smarter approach to being taken. While these systems still offer a high degree of critical protection against threats such as intrusion, they can also deliver notifications if other events occur, such as fire, flood, building-based transactions, etc.

Ajax Systems develops and manufactures professional security equipment. The product line includes more than 36 devices for the protection of indoor and outdoor premises. The range features motion, fire and leakage/flood detectors, as well as the control panels (hubs), range extenders, keyboards, smart sockets, relays and panic buttons. There are also camera-supported detection devices for photo verification of events.

At the heart of the Ajax system is the hub, and the most advanced model is the Hub 2 Plus. It is designed to protect any type of premises from break-in, fire and flood. If an event occurs, the Hub 2 Plus immediately activates sirens, notifies users via the mobile app (including photo verification of the incident), and transmits alarm information to an ARC (alarm receiving centre).

The Ajax Hub 2 Plus makes use of four communications channels and supports the use of 4G LTE. This approach allows users to connect the hub to two separate Internet providers over Ethernet and Wi-Fi, while also having two cellular services available for back-up should a comms fault occur. Switching between channels happens seamlessly, in seconds.

Ajax Hub 2 Plus models use two proprietary radio-based technologies. The first, Jeweller, ensures two-way communication between the hub and field devices, with an operational range of up to 2km, dependent upon site conditions. The data transmitted is protected with encryption, and can deliver an alarm signal in less than 0.15 seconds.

The second technology is Wings. This is an innovative radio protocol developed for the fast transmission of visual data. It uses a dedicated Hub 2 Plus antenna to improve reliability, and integral algorithms ensure the delivery of verification snapshots within nine seconds of an alarm incident. A series of images can be sent to the ARC after an alarm, but third parties cannot request images from the hub, preserving user privacy.

Ajax equipment is rated to Grade 2 of EN 50131, as well as the fire protection standard EN 14604. Last year, the system also became compliant with the PD 6662:2017 standard. The Hub 2 Plus operates using a proprietary, secure OS designed specifically for security applications.

The system can be controlled via a mobile app, and push notifications to ensure users are aware of the system status. Ajax also makes use of geolocation reminders that assist in keeping the system armed.

The Ajax Hub 2 Plus supports a wide range of peripherals including wireless plug-and-play sockets, low-current and power relays. These allow control of electrical appliances or lights via the mobile app. It’s possible to configure the system to automatically manage situations, such as automatically turning off water if a leak is detected, switching off the power in case of fire, configuring home activity simulation when the premises are unoccupied, etc.

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