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Ajax’s vhfBridge provides transmission reliability

by Geny Caloisi

Ajax has released its new vhfBridge. vhfBridge is Ajax answer to providing reliable connectivity even when the Internet connection is unstable.

With vhfBridge, Ajax security systems can be installed in cities where Internet connection is unstable, but cities usually have more resources readily available. It is far to reach areas such as mountains, nature reserves, or desert areas where self-sufficient security solutions are vital. 

vhfBridge is a module for connecting Ajax security systems to third-party VHF radio transmitters. Acting as a transponder provides a hub with an additional channel to communicate with a monitoring station. The system’s alarms and events are transmitted over tens of kilometres, allowing for a quick, professional response.

New reliability level of a communication with a hub

VHF radio communication can be used as a primary or a backup channel for a monitoring station to communicate with the system. When operating as a primary channel, vhfBridge sends up to 15 types of the system’s alarms and events to a central monitoring station. You can adjust a list of transmitting events in the Ajax app with a few clicks. When operating as a backup communication channel, vhfBridge adds one more independent way of communication that brings reliability to the next level.

vhfBridge is an electronic board that has VHF transmitter power terminals and eight adjustable output terminals placed on. The board has its own power supply unit with 100-240 V and connects to a backup battery (not included in the set).

You can get vhfBridge with a casing or without one in the set. A casing developed exclusively by Ajax Systems has seven hours of backup batteries and perforated areas for wiring. This allows for vhfBridge to be built in the existing system or installed separately in a discreet place.

Elaborate autonomy

vhfBridge is compatible with any VHF-transmitters having relay inputs. vhfBridge acts as a power source for a transmitter in the Ajax security system. Usually, a transmitter needs a separate battery that is changed yearly. 

A transmitter runs for up to 75 hours during a power outage, powered by a more capacious and durable battery installed inside the module. Therefore, the need of maintenance for the module and the transmitter is minimized to an engineer’s visit to a facility once every two to three years. If vhfBridge is used as a backup channel, you can reconfigure it remotely.

Continuation of an Ajax ecosystem

To configure vhfBridge, you do not need to have any programming skills. This means minimal hassle and maximal intuitiveness. All configuration takes place in the PRO app. vhfBridge sustains the user experience immanent in Ajax security systems, having an easy connection by scanning a QR code, user-friendly PRO apps for smartphones and PCs, illumination of terminals for testing purposes, built-in tests for choosing an installation location.

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