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AMG and Impulse deliver secure transmission solutions

by Benchmark

AMG Systems and installation partner Impulse Engineering have delivered high-performance transmission equipment across a broad range of high-security surveillance applications and market sectors.

Impulse Engineering has evolved in an upwards curve to serve blue chip companies , installing solutions that protect high value sites and critical national infrastructure with sophisticated fire, intruder, access control and CCTV systems.

As a specialist in systems for CNI (critical national infrastructure), Impulse Engineering’s applications range from small secure sites that are used by authorised personnel only and require off-site monitoring, to larger secure sites requiring an integrated bespoke package to meet CPNI recommendations.

A layered approach allows the packages to work together to achieve the level of protection each site requires.

AMG equipment is able to withstand harsh weather or other environmental conditions. The high-speed, high-bandwidth transmission capability supports the clarity of real-time monitoring and recording, as well as logged data.

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