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The trend towards smart buildings and the use of integrated and converged technologies is seeing increased uptake amongst businesses and organisations looking to leverage added value from their technology investments. Increasingly, access control is seen as a pivotal part of this change, not only because it adds a high degree of security and safety to a site, but because it enables site actions to be implemented dependent upon who is on site.

Whether using the presence of individuals such as department managers, trained first aiders or keyholders, or basing decisions on numbers of people in certain parts of the site, the transactional nature of access control makes it a pivotal element of security strategies.

For many sites, especially SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), the investment in smarter access control has ruled out a number of the added value benefits. However, by combining innovative design and cloud-based services, it is possible to deliver advanced access control functionality in an efficient and cost-effective package.

ASSA ABLOY’s Incedo Business, available from Abloy UK, is an entry-level access control platform designed to deliver the degree of connectivity, convenience and ease of use typically associated with higher end systems. The flexible solution is fully compatible with ASSA ABLOY’s range of access control solutions and hardware, allowing SMEs to leverage high end security software which is both effective and scalable.

Modern business trends demand variable access times and entry points, and security requirements can change on a regular basis. In the past, many access control systems were designed to meet regular and scheduled requirements, but the modern dynamic work environment has different needs. To meet these demands, Incedo Business has been designed to deliver connectivity, convenience and simplicity.

Incedo Business is an easy-to-use cloud-based access control system. It allows users to connect via any networked device, and there is no need for a dedicated PC or workstation, thus reducing costs and allowing a higher degree of flexibility. Doors can be added with ease, and both wired and wireless doors are supported.

Users can be given customisable access permissions, and expanded options for door modes enable a higher level of flexibility to suit modern business needs. More flexibility in setting up access groups also helps businesses to implement secure policies for a wide range of users.

Being cloud-based, Incedo Business provides a wide range of benefits. Installation is simplified, and also doesn’t require an initial up-front investment in servers and software. Software licensing issues are eliminated, as is on-going maintenance. All software updates are applied universally with no need for downtime of IT staff involvement.

Installation and set-up are carried out via a user-friendly web-based GUI, and from the very start the user will benefit from a fully functional system. Reporting can be accessed locally or remotely, allowing fast and accurate real-time updates to aid site management.

Incedo Business uses cloud data storage to allow access from any authorised device. Mindful of the importance of data security, ASSA ABLOY cloud services maintain an Information Security Management System which is certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, to ensure the highest levels of security control for the ongoing operations of the Cloud management software services. The company also continually reviews and updates its policies, procedures and operational practices to align with data protection and security regulations in the regions where it operates.

Incedo Business offers a simple, cost-effective and secure option to SMBs who are seeking a higher level of access control to protect their people, premises and assets.



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