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barox join Advancis Partner programme

by Benchmark

Underlining its support of integrators seeking to achieve optimum results for IP installations, barox Kommunikation, the manufacturer of switches for video networks, has enrolled as an Advancis Premium Technology Partner.

Advancis Software & Services, the manufacturer of WinGuard PSIM, a command and control software package, is committed to open architecture and vendor neutrality. Its command and control technologies provide clients with freedom of choice and the ability to unify monitoring and control operations of disparate system brands of all types. The single management application offers enhanced security and system efficiencies.

Through close cooperation, Advancis aims to achieve deep WinGuard integration and control of technology partners‘ systems, as well as continuous involvement to always keep the integration up to date.

The barox active switch integration with WinGuard delivers enhanced diagnostic data, showing the status of cameras and switches, allowing the fast pinpointing of network or device issues. For example, if a camera fails to respond, barox switches can be used to select a device and send a reboot command.

Due to the integrated Device Management System (DMS), barox products feature numerous helpful network monitoring functions which allow the visualisation and analysis of all hardware and connectivity. Enabling faults and outages to be diagnosed remotely, barox tools include PoE monitoring, cable diagnostics and remote switch traffic monitoring, where ‘per port’ live data traffic is shown on a graphical chart, allowing the whole video network and all connected cameras to be analysed.

‘We’ve thoroughly tested specific integration features of barox managed switches, which we identified as highly useful for our joint customer base during technical workshops between Advancis and barox,’ stated David Teppe, Strategic Alliance Manager, Advancis. ‘With barox PoE Switches and the current integration into WinGuard, we can, for instance, remotely restore lost camera signals that are being caused by device errors and that can be fixed by a device reboot. This is particularly useful if a camera is difficult to access due to where it is mounted.’

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