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barox RY-LGSP28-52/740

by Benchmark

barox Kommunikation’s RY-LGSP28-52/740 is designed for high data volume transmission. Developed for the demanding requirements of video networks, the RY-LGSP28-52/740 is a 48-port, POE+ Layer 2/3 switch, with L3 functions suitable for video over IP and multicasting.

With its enhanced management GUI, the RY-LGSP28-52/740 is suitable for complex network structures, and its number of ports allow it to be deployed in large-scale projects.

Non-stop PoE

The switch ensures cameras stay operational when a re-boot task needs to be performed. When changing cameras or updating firmware, the RY-LGSP28-52/740’s Non-stop PoE function can be set to supply all ports with ‘always-on’ power s0 cameras remain powered, with no video footage being lost during routine engineering procedures.

Reliable video

The RY-LGSP28-52/740 delivers steaming video with no stuttering, even with every port loaded with Megapixel cameras. To achieve this, the switch features up to 25% higher backplane capacity, standing at 176Gb/Sec. To help achieve this video performance, the 28 Series Ethernet switch employs Precision Time Protocol (PTP), a protocol that ensures the time settings of different devices are synchronised. With timestamps precisely synchronised, data steams can fit together seamlessly, according to IEEE 1588.

In addition to PTP, the RY-LGSP28-52/740 employs Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS 1/2). If any cable damage occurs which impacts on network operation, the RY-LGSP28 Series Ethernet switch performs extremely fast, sub-20ms protection and ‘self-healing’ recovery switching for Ethernet traffic, in ring/multiple ring/ladder network topologies.

Think outside of the box

In normal installations, money is invested to protect the network with Firewalls, but what happens if a virus occurs from the inside? Efforts are made to make the network as isolated from the Internet as possible, but how does the VMS software get upgraded? Chances are it occurs using a memory stick to upgrade the server. If the server is infected and spreads malware across the network, the RY-LGSP28 Series will detect the unorthodox network traffic and act like an internal Firewall to block the traffic.

Advanced security

The RY-LGSP28-52/740 employs Access Protection, Management, Performance, and System (AMPS). AMPS encompasses network protection from unauthorised access, utilising an end-to-end communication encryption technique and certificates to ‘lockout’ unauthorised network access.
A definable Access Control List of permissions adds an additional layer of security, and barox Smart control enables per port blocking/Firewall control to guard against server hacking at switch level.

The RY-LGSP28-52/740 features an integrated network monitoring and control system that provides a live graphical overview of the entire network topology. Indicating IP-address, type of device and equipment, the intuitive DMS Configuration and Monitoring menu shows the status of all IP-cameras, switches and servers, and allows device functionality control, as well as pinpointing network and device issues.

Port Mirroring with timer

To prevent problems being caused by port mirroring, a diagnostic tool enables an engineer to either set a time limit or select auto-shutdown (10 minute default) of any mirrored port. This tool can prevent network issues from keeping a mirrored port running without resetting after the engineering measurement task has been performed.


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