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BCDVideo’s BCD380V8-M-VRP-C has been engineered with reliability, accessibility, and serviceability features in mind, according to the manufacturer. It is the cornerstone unit of BCDVideo’s Nova Series of devices, and is manufactured specifically for enterprise IP video surveillance applications.

The Nova Series is the latest-generation platform from the manufacturer, utilising 6G SAS technology, which is claimed to enable more high-megapixel cameras per system than traditional SATA-based servers.

BCDVideo’s recorders are designed with Intel Xeon processors, offering superior system performance. This video recording platform (VRP) is built to perform for the duration of virtually any IP video security project.

The VRP offers video-optimised efficiency and performance with up to two Intel Xeon E5 series processors, which automatically regulate power consumption and intelligently adjust server performance.

The BCD380V8-M-VRP-C also boasts unprecedented storage performance, flexibility and density. In as little as two rack spaces, the recording platform can hold up to 84TB of 6G SAS video storage in Genetec Security Center deployments.

As a best-practice Milestone XProtect recorder, utilizing six fast live video drives, the system can store 42TB of raw video storage.
Key Features include 6G SAS technology, which allows for simultaneous bi-directional data reading and writing. The recorders boast 23 per cent increased performance when compared with non-optimised products. BCDVideo also highlights that it delivers higher bandwidth capabilities than servers built with SATA drives, and its MTBF is 10 times improved over mean time between failure over SATA-based devices. It also has the ability to run more cameras per server than other recorders.

The recording platforms features a worldwide five-year next business day on-site warranty, covered by HP, and include fault-tolerant architecture including redundant 750W power supplies, fans and multiple RAID sets.

The recorders feature a SMARTrecovery Disaster Recovery Module. This makes use of an embedded SD Card on the motherboard, which can be used to restore the system using a BCDVideo factory image if there is a need for disaster recovery.

There is also a SMARTvms Video Recovery Module, which provides password-protected access to the system. It allows the integrator to remotely restore the VMS and Config files to the last working setting. A SMARTconnect Remote Access Module allows remote connectivity to the recorder for diagnostic troubleshooting. SMARTcontrol System Monitoring manages both the internal server as well as active peripheral devices. This delivers camera stream and network packet monitoring, and historic performance reporting. On a hardware level, SMARTdrive includes LEDs that indicates drive status and diagnostics, or indicate that a RAID array has to be created.

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