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BCDVideo and Vista qulu Appliance

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The flexibility and scalability of VMS solutions has seen the popularity of these systems rocket with forward-thinking installers and integrators. However, for many the convenience of a standalone device still appeals, and so appliances – security-specific self-contained servers with embedded VMS software – have become ever more common. In order to offer such a system for the qulu VMS, Vista has teamed up with BCDVideo.

What is it?

Vista’s qulu VMS is one of the brand’s core technologies, and among a scheme of continual improvements and updates is the provision of the software as a part of an appliance-based solution. The video server is the heart of any surveillance project, allowing direct connections with networks, monitors, cameras and other devices.

Vista has recently partnered with BCDVideo as its supplier of servers for embedded qulu applications.

The servers have been tested to ensure they deliver a reliable platform for video management and archiving, and BCDVideo will provide support and future technical developments to ensure the hardware works seamlessly with the evolving software package.

One significant enhancement to the range is the SFF (small form factor) server which replaces the current microserver. The SFF version provides additional features such as increased processing power and graphics capability via the on-board INTEL graphics processor unit.

This ensures reduced costs as the server now allows both live video and recorded footage to be viewed, in addition to recording.

Is it an NVR?

No; this is very much a VMS on a security-specific server. Vista’s qulu takes an open-platform approach, supporting direct integrations with many third party devices.

With regard to event management, features include automatic notifications with embedded links, a simple control interface for events and alarms, event-based searching and real-time alerts for incidents.

The VMS has a number of basic rules automatically implemented. These cover alarms such as server failure, storage failure, network issues, licence issues, network device IP address conflicts, etc.. Installers and integrators can also add rules.

What about the hardware?

BCDVideo delivers servers which have been hardened to make them suitable for around-the-clock security implementations. The company’s heritage in this field is underlined by the fact that its servers have been certificated by many of the leading VMS providers, and can deliver very high levels of performance.

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