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Access Control (Hardware): Inner Range Inception

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Inception from Inner Range is a browser-based access control system with integrated intruder alarm functionality. It has been designed to allow simple and cost-effective connectivity from any device capable of running a browser, such as a standard workstation or other PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.. It is not a cloud-based solution as the software is hosted on the Inception controller unit. It can operate as a standalone system, and the browser-based interface means there is no software to install nor licensing costs.

Inception supports up to 32 doors with readers for entry and exit. It can also monitor up to 512 detection points via its alarm monitoring functionality.

The system includes universal inputs and outputs (the controller includes eight inputs and four outputs) which can be used for security monitoring as well as a host of additional tasks such as lighting control, HVAC management, lift control, etc..

As standard Inception supports IP-based alarm communications; an optional alarm communicator can be added to allow dual-path signalling if this suits a site’s risk assessment.

Connectivity allows a high degree of flexibility. Either standard RJ45 network cables can be used, or an optional WiFi adapter is available.

Internet-based connectivity for remote connections is both simplified and made more secure as it uses Inner Ranges’s SkyTunnel functionality.

The Inception controller can support up to 8 readers via its integral bus: an expansion port allows the use of additional readers.

With Inception, Inner Range has made advanced and fully flexible access control available to mainstream applications. For the installer and integrator, Inner Range has also ensured that installation and set-up are straightforward tasks.

For example, Inception makes use of an interactive commissioning checklist. This takes the installer or integrator through each step of the set-up process, ensuring that all settings are correctly configured and that nothing is missed out.

The Inception dashboard gives easy access to typical tasks such as user management, schedules and time periods, and managing permissions. To aid in the process of adding users, there is a ‘guided tour’ function.

Inception delivers a high level of performance, whilst also retaining a good degree of simplicity. It is flexible enough for most access control needs, and the inclusion of alarm monitoring adds value for a wide range of sites. It also does all of this at a competitive price point.

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