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Site Protection (Software): Texecom Texecom Connect

by Benchmark

Texecom Connect is a smart control and automation platform based upon the company’s graded Premier Elite security system. The heart of any Texecom Connect system will be a professionally installed graded alarm system without any compromises or ‘dumbing down’ to allow the smart functions to be realised. This is important as it adds value without reducing security or the role of the installer or integrator.

Because it is based on the current control panel range, installers and integrators will be able to offer Texecom Connect upgrades to customers with existing Premier Elite systems.

The Premier Elite range supports the Ricochet mesh-based wireless platform, itself a previous winner of a Benchmark Innovation Award. Ricochet technology is a significant part of the Texecom Connect platform and enables flexible communication between the wireless field devices and the control panel.

Because of the flexible topology of a mesh-based network, signals can be routed to and from the control panel via other devices if necessary. This makes the system self-healing and also enables wireless systems to be deployed in environments which are challenging for standard wireless systems.

Any Texecom Premier Elite control panel running V4 (or later) firmware can be used as the basis of a Texecom Connect system.

Texecom Connect makes use of an app which connects with the Premier Elite control panel via a SmartCom Ethernet and WiFi communicator. This links with the local area network in a secure and robust manner. There is no need to carry out any port forwarding, thus simplifying the installation whilst also preserving the highest levels of security. Connections can be direct over the LAN or remotely via a secure Cloud server.

The app enables control of not only the security system but also the automation and smart benefits of the Texecom Connect platform. A clean and easy-to-understand timeline displays any alarm events, scheduled tasks and other notifications that have happened or are due to take place.

Further screens allow detailed information about Schedules and Rooms in the site to be interrogated. The user also has the opportunity to create Modes.

A Mode is a system state, such as Armed, Disarmed or Part Set. Other custom-created Modes can be generated.

The flexibility with regard to system programming is achieved by creating Recipes. User-defined Recipes enable the implementation of bespoke security applications, as well as smart control of automation and general appliance functionality.

The user identifies an event or a series of events, and then adds an action (or actions) which are performed when the set criteria are met.

Recipes can be very simple: if the alarm is set and motion is detected on the driveway, switch on a CCTV camera or switch on a light. There is also scope for more advanced Recipes: if the alarm is part-set, it’s between 9pm and midnight and motion is detected on the drive, send a push notification with a snapshot to the user, switch on a light on the driveway and all ground floor lights in the house.

Recipes don’t have to be security-related! They could focus on home automation, remote control of appliances or building and/or power management tasks.

Texecom has a road-map of developments to add functionality to the Texecom Connect platform. These will retain performance as a quality intruder alarm system whilst also meeting user demands for smart control!

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