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Video Surveillance (Software): SeeTec Cayuga Infinity X

by Benchmark

Cayuga Infinity X is the flagship VMS offering from SeeTec. It is differentiated by the ability to add sector-specific extensions, allowing it to deliver security and business intelligence. Extensions include logistics-ready integrations, ANPR, warehouse management, retail, etc..

As a core VMS package, Cayuga is available in four options to meet a range of surveillance needs. Cayuga S50X supports up to 50 cameras on a single server. Stepping up from the base level is Cayuga S100, supporting up to 100 channels on two servers along with basic video analytics, motion detection and advanced event management. Cayuga Infinity supports unlimited devices and unlimited servers along with a range of video analytics options, and Cayuga Infinity X builds on this with failover recording and video wall management.

Cayuga Infinity X takes an open platform approach, supporting in excess of 1,000 devices via direct integrations. Additional devices are supported using ONVIF compliance, and smart drivers are utilised to simplify integrations.

Cayuga Infinity X is a powerful and flexible software package, but has been designed with installers and integrators in mind. Installation is simple: the only configuration required during the process is to identify the IP address of the server for installation; a drop-down menu gives you the viable options.

Basic configuration is very straightforward, and this remains the case when establishing alarms and events. There is a wizard for creating alarm management profiles; alternatively a manual approach can be taken which allows greater flexibility.

While there is a lot of flexibility for installers and integrators creating advanced event handling scenarios, Cayuga Infinity X can equally deliver simple and traditional event/action type alarm events with a few basic settings.

Add to this depth of configuration the ability to interface with video analytics and ANPR engines, and true capabilities of the VMS become apparent. Cayuga Infinity X is a VMS that can provide the required performance for a wide range of applications, including those with a need for advanced specialised event handling.

Many third party analytics options can be simply integrated with Cayuga Infinity X via plug-ins. Supported partners include ACIC, Axis Communications, Bosch Security, CogVis, Digital Barriers, FLIR and Securiton IPS.

VoIP-based communication allows bi-directional audio connections directly with attached cameras. Many devices feature integral audio functionalities and Cayuga Infinity X enables direct voice communication in both directions without the need for additional components.

Cayuga Infinity X is, in Benchmark’s opinion, a VMS that sometimes slips under the radar despite its high degree of flexibility and functionality. More installers and integrators should take a closer look at what is on offer from the package. The open platform approach works well, installation and configuration is straightforward, and there is a depth of additional functionality on offer.

Cayuga Infinity X can be specified for a very wide range of applications, and has the potential to manage complex scenarios, thus adding value for the end customer. That said, the VMS can equally deliver a workman-like performance. It combines power with simplicity, and ticks all the boxes for those who want advanced security and site management.


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