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Blair Bowen is promoted to Divisional Director at Paxton

by Geny Caloisi
Paxton has promoted Blair Bowen to Divisional Director of Manufacturing to oversee the expansion of its manufacturing operations in the coming years.

Adam Stroud, Paxton’s CEO, said: “Having started with Paxton a year ago, Blair has already become an important and integral member of Paxton’s senior management. “It has been a busy year for our manufacturing team, spearheading advances in efficiency, introducing plastic injection moulding, and making positive cultural improvements.”

Currently, Paxton’s manufacturing facilities operate to meet ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, ensuring they operate to the highest level in both quality and environmental responsibility. Under Blair’s guidance, the factory has broken production records, hitting a new high of £7.3 million worth of products made in a single month. Several big projects are planned for Blair and his team in 2023, including further increases in manufacturing efficiency, facility expansion, and continuous team development to enable future promotions.

Blair said: “We are investing in new technology and new machinery, which will bring us even more efficiency. We are working towards producing our first injection moulded parts. This will improve our self-sufficiency on products that we manufacture, such as readers and cabinets.

“Company and team culture will also be a key focus area at our manufacturing facilities. We are looking to create a robust and inspirational training strategy this year to ensure we keep investing in our people.”

Before joining Paxton, Blair spent 12 years working in a large blue-chip corporate environment. He sees Paxton as a growing organisation with the potential for personal development for all. Blair said: “I came to Paxton to gain and expand responsibilities and range of skills.

“Being promoted to Divisional Director is an incredibly rewarding step on this journey and reaffirms the reasons I joined,” Blair concludes.

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