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Today’s end users are seeking more from their security solutions, demanding a return on investment when investing in protection for their businesses and organisations. Given the inherent flexibility in modern systems, this is a reasonable and realistic expectation, and helps elevate security systems away from the ‘grudge purchase’ mentality. With the delivery of add-on benefits and enhanced value services, integrators and installers are increasingly able to offer enhanced functionality.

Modern security systems are capable of so much more than intruder detection. Systems are able to monitor a range of site management devices to provide insights which allow swift action to be taken if and when exceptional events occur. This might be an activation from an intruder detection system or a fire alarm, but equally could be a temperature alert from fridges or freezers, warnings from flood detection systems, or other environmental alerts.

For the end user, these additional alarm notifications add value, because they protect the business or organisation from losses which might be caused by device failures. For example, a food retailer will attach value to a system if it sends an alert when a fridge or freezer unit fails or is left open. While this doesn’t rank as a security concern, for the user, it represents added value as it protects the business against a real and tangible threat. With the leading professional alarm systems capable of supporting an ever-wider range of detectors and sensors, it is this type of add-on that can win contracts.

In order for the added value to be realised, it is vital the notification is received, and to achieve this best practice is to install a secure signalling system. BT Redcare has been an industry leader in this field for decades and offers a wide range of secure signalling products designed to ensure consistent communications when it is needed the most: during an incident. Whether signalling intrusion or fire alarm notifications, or generating site status data for a smart solution, BT Redcare empowers integrators and installers to ensure their systems remain connected, no matter what challenges are faced.

The flagship secure signalling product is Ultimate, designed to deliver robust and reliable communications for every level of risk. It combines a private, secure IP connection across the Redcare network, and to ensure the signals always get through, this is backed up using dual 4G SIMs. The wireless connection will automatically connect to the next best option (in terms of signal strength and connectivity) should there be an issue with a network. The result is a fast and resilient service which meets Grade 4 standards.

The primary IP path can be connected over a number of connections (Fibre To The Premise, existing line or can be provided with a dedicated access line) and is continuously polled. Any transmitted alarm messages and polling data are encrypted using AES 256, ensuring security remains at the highest level. Should the primary path fail, a notification is issued within 90 seconds. If there is a catastrophic failure where both the primary and secondary wireless paths fail simultaneously, or if there is a concurrent failure of both paths, a notification is created within 180 seconds. Issues on the secondary path alone, when the primary path is still operational, are notified within 60 minutes. With its built-in broadband hub utilising the battery back-up in the alarm panel, the signalling device remains operational, even if there is a power outage. Redcare’s 24/7 helpdesk and Sightcall App means they can be virtually with you whenever you need them.

Designed to be simple to install and configure, Ultimate ensures peace of mind when delivering secure and resilient systems. This allows integrators and installers to provide robust and credible security and site management services, creating smart solutions for discerning end users.

Ultimate is BT Redcare’s premium product and is based upon decades of industry-leading service and support. Today’s systems demand the highest levels of secure signalling, and Ultimate delivers this.

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