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CathexisVision 2024, setting a new standard in VMS innovation

by Geny Caloisi

Cathexis Technologies‘ latest release, CathexisVision 2024, is an advanced video management software (VMS) with cutting-edge features, seamless integration capabilities, user-centric design, and proven reliability.

A finalist in the Benchmark Innovation Awards in the VMS category, CathexisVision 2024 leverages the power of Qt6 and Visual Studio 2022, to deliver enhanced performance and efficiency.

Its robust infrastructure supports high-resolution video management without sacrificing processing speed, ensuring smooth and reliable operation in demanding environments.

The improved AI infrastructure in CathexisVision 2024 offers superior object tracking, enabling precise management of high-resolution videos. This feature is critical for environments that require meticulous surveillance and monitoring. With enhanced deep neural network AI, and advanced thermal and RGB models, CathexisVision 2024 excels in detection and intelligent analysis. This integration provides operators with sophisticated tools to promptly identify and respond to potential security threats. The innovative feature of activity trails on live footage allows operators to track movements in real time, vastly improving situational awareness and response times. This capability is particularly valuable in environments where real-time decision-making is crucial.

One of CathexisVision’s standout features is its integration prowess. CathexisVision works seamlessly with various third-party systems, including access control, alarm panels, fence monitoring, and fire panels. This flexibility allows for a cohesive security ecosystem tailored to specific operational needs. The Alarm Management Gateway (AMG) centralises alarm processing from multiple sites, enhancing response efficiency and control room management. This feature ensures operators can manage and respond to alarms more effectively, improving overall security operations.

CathexisVision is all about empowering its users. Its thoughtful design, embodied in the sleek and intuitive Carbon UI, provides a user-friendly experience. With smart search tools, interactive maps, and flexible event management, the interface allows operators to navigate and manage the system with ease. CathexisVision Mobile, with its push notifications, ensures that operators can stay informed and react swiftly to events, even when they are away from their desks. This mobility ensures continuous monitoring and prompt response. The granular management of operator roles and configurations enhances security and operational control, ensuring that only authorised personnel can access and modify system settings.

CathexisVision is designed to deliver high reliability and scalability, making it a trusted choice for diverse operational environments. The automatic server failover feature ensures zero downtime, enhancing system stability and reliability. This feature is critical for maintaining continuous surveillance and security operations. CathexisVision supports extensive installations with central monitoring and control capabilities across multiple sites, making it ideal for large-scale enterprises and multi-location operations. The comprehensive health monitoring and diagnostics tools proactively manage and resolve potential issues, ensuring the system remains in optimal condition.

The versatility and broad application of CathexisVision are evident in its successful deployments in retail, banking, healthcare, mining, transportation, and city surveillance. Cathexis Technologies’ video monitoring solutions include business intelligence and operational efficiency tailored to specific industry needs.

Cathexis Technologies’ dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in its continuous product evolution. Each release builds on previous strengths, introducing new tools and functionalities that address users’ evolving needs. The development of CathexisVision is highly responsive to customer feedback, ensuring that the software evolves effectively to meet real-world demands.

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