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One of the most significant advantages of network-based solutions is the use of flexible infrastructure. ComNet offers a range of solutions designed to maximise that flexibility, and its CNGE2+2SMS offers many benefits to installers and integrators.

What is it?
Historically it was often documented that 70 per cent or more of the time that installers and system integrators spent of site was dedicated to cabling. Pulling cable is a job that no one really enjoys, and at times it can be the most frustrating part of an install. However, because of more flexibility with regard to topologies, using a network-based platform can often simplify the task.

Some of more flexible options with regard to network infrastructure are ignored by many installers and integrators, because they can create a certain degree of complexity when it comes to switch management.

Adapting network infrastructure to address security issues can be problematic, as support from infrastructure device manufacturers is usually focused on the IT world rather than video surveillance. However, ComNet has a track record in security, and offers the CNGE2+2SMS to allow the creation of ring topologies.

What makes it different?
The CNGE2+2SMS is a four-port self-managed Ethernet switch with two copper Gigabit TX ports and two user-configurable multi-rate 100 or 1000Mbps Gigabit SFP (small form-factor pluggable) Ethernet ports. Designed as a simple and cost effective solution to allow a ring network topology, it eliminates the cost and complexity of a managed switch.

The Gigabit TX ports receive video and the SFP optical ports receive data from the previous network device and forward it to the next device in the ring.

Anything else?
The CNGE2+2SMS is pre-programmed and meets IEEE 802.1w RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) for a self-healing network in the event of a path failure.

The CNGE2+2SMS uses SFPs which allow for different wavelenths or optical budget. The CNGE2+2SMS is a cost-effective and easy way to add IP Video to a network and is designed for use in harsh environmental applications.

The switch series also has two PoE models to provide either 30 or 60 watts of power to IP cameras requiring power, and is ideal for use in confined spaces.

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