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Since early Spring, installers and integrators have had the option of adding Sequrinet to Concept Pro Professional recording systems. Stringent, robust and potent, Sequrinet ensures that CCTV systems serve their full purpose of protection, detection and deterrence.

Part of the ethos at Videcon is to identify the needs and wishes of CCTV installers and ensure its products are designed to meet those needs. One of the hottest topics in the global security market over the past year has been cyber security, or in particular, a lack of cyber security. Hacking, intrusion and cyber fraud are at an all time high: on average more than 4,000 cyber attacks are carried out everyday, costing businesses and individuals worldwide billions of pounds on a weekly basis.

A large contributing factor to the massive number of cyber attacks this year has been complacency. Cyber security is often an issue that finds itself at the periphery of priority when an end user or installer purchases a recorder, with cost and storage capability often forming the main buying decision, but ironically measures to cut cost can often prove to be costly in the long run.

It is this complacency that has seen unwanted access to recording devices skyrocket! For this reason Videcon saw the potential a truly secure range of recorders could have. In banks, governmental buildings, offices and other locations where the preservation of sensitive information and security are paramount, an ardent CCTV system is key. A system where unauthorised users can access footage and video streams completely defeats the object of having CCTV. Why have a CCTV system that puts you at a higher level of risk than having no system at all?

With Sequrinet on Concept Pro’s professional range of recorders, precautionary measures have been taken to ensure that systems are fortified appropriately.

Shockingly, one of the simplest ways to secure a recording system is often bypassed and ignored by end users and installers alike; this is the use of a strong comprehensive password. The most commonly used password on recording systems is admin1234. Sequrinet’s Enhanced Password Control (EPC) functionality is specifically designed to add much needed security and thought to password control. This feature prohibits the use of ‘1234’ and other easily infiltrated passwords. The EPC will remove any backdoor user capability and will disable P2P and DDNS options by default.

Videcon understands that certain installations will not require such a high level of security; therefore, EPC is optional. Compatibility for organisations requiring a stringent level of password protection is essential and it is this adaptability that makes the Concept Pro recording devices versatile.

Server security is another facet of cyber security that requires great attention and Videcon’s server was selected with constant monitoring and vigorous security parameters in mind. Videcon recognised the need for its servers to be based in the EU for ease of contact and operated by legitimate companies with high-level SLAs.

The server is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has been selected for its stringency. This attention to detail further enhances the security of professional recorders and ensures that, with Sequrinet, CCTV systems can deliver cyber security.

Sequrinet has the ability to retain simplicity and ease of use; as soon as a camera is connected to a recorder and Sequrinet is set up, an end user can download the Concept Pro App from the App Store or Google Play, allowing them to instantly access the system. The user will have the ability to view footage live or view playback footage, search the event log, change recording settings, manage connection information, receive real-time push alerts and even enable PTZ camera control, all from a mobile device!

Enhanced security with attentionto detail, easy interoperability and the potential for use in a varying array of situations ensures that the Concept Pro professional recording range is one of the most secure in the CCTV industry.

Call the Videcon team on Tel: 01924 528000, or contact them via E-Mail or view the Videcon website.

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