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Contact Tracing Adds Benefits

by Benchmark

For many businesses and organisations, 2020 has thrown up a number of unprecedented challenges which impact on day-to-day working. While the modern commercial world has not previously experienced disruption or restrictions on the scale of those created by the COVID-19 pandemic, many end users have been forced to adapt to new working practices in a very short space of time.

Most commercial entities and public bodies put the health and well-being of their staff and customers first, and as such have been proactive in meeting, and often exceeding, the regulations put in place by governments and other authorities. This has required alterations in how people use spaces, management of flow around a site, implementation of monitoring and control of visitors and contractors, and the introduction of audit trails to satisfy contact tracing requirements.

Contact tracing is an important tool in the management of infection during the current pandemic. It collates information about who has had contact with other individuals, allowing all those at risk of being infected to be identified should any user test positive for the virus. By identifying all those at risk, immediate action can be taken to notify those who should self-isolate for the prescribed period.

By adopting a local contact tracing scheme, businesses and organisations can better protect their staff and visitors to the site, as well as managing human resources in a safer and more effective way. Given the need for duty of care, a reliable and robust contact tracing scheme can demonstrate compliance.

For many users, implementing a contact tracing scheme may seem complex and potentially costly, but the reality is advanced access and security management systems, such as Integriti from Inner Range, deliver contact tracing as a core component of the advanced solution.

The Integriti approach

Integriti is an advanced security management and access control solution from Inner Range. It includes a Contact Tracing report feature which enables users to quickly and easily identify those who have been in contact with any person who is infected with, or is displaying symptoms of, an infectious disease.

Contact tracing is widely accepted as being a powerful tool which can help interrupt the spread of an infectious disease as quickly as possible. Due to a growing need for strategies to address the threat of COVID-19, Inner Range has implemented a number of features in its Contact Tracing report to ensure those responsible for compliance to regulations have appropriate information which can be accessed as quickly as possible.

The report has been specifically designed to allow rapid generation and sharing, ensuring urgent action can be implemented with as little effort as possible. The report is generated and displayed directly within the Integriti graphical user interface, allowing authorised users to access and view the information as soon as an infection is reported. To make sure appropriate actions can be instigated, the report delivers the relevant information in an easy-to-understand format.

To allow sharing across a business or organisation, the report can also be exported in a range of industry-standard formats, including PDF, Excel, CSV, Text, Image or RTF formats along with more advanced options such as generating HTML, or creating everything needed for a single page website.

Generating a report only requires the selection of a few simple options, making the task fast and efficient for operators. Once the operator identifies the affected user, along with a start and end time for the report, it can be generated. The content of the report can be customised dependent upon site needs.

Examples of the information which can be included are a list of the specific doors which the infected user passed through, along with the length of time they spent in each area. This can also include the exact time their credential was used at a specific reader, giving precise entry and exit times. The report also identifies which other users were in the area. This can be adjusted to show those in the area within time windows, such as between 15 minutes before the infected person entered the space, and 60 minutes after the infected user exited.

The Contact Tracing report is a part of the Integriti Advanced Reports module, and so is fully flexible. This allows, for example, different reports to be formatted or sorted in various ways dependent upon the needs of any specific authorised user. For example, a cleaning team would only need to know which areas are to be disinfected, whereas HR would need specific details of the affected individuals.

Contact Trace reports are fully customisable and multiple variations can be saved to ensure operators have access to any required version.

The Integriti Advanced Reports module, which is needed to generate Contact Trace reports, is included as standard in the Integriti Business and Integriti Corporate software editions.


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