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COSMO PSIM+ provides a better way to work

by Geny Caloisi

Using separate sets of information and not correlating activities or events is a thing of the past with COSMO PSIM+. COSMO PSIM+ provides an alternative to traditional command and control centres and has come as a runner up in the  Benchmark Innovation Awards 2022 for the Analytics and software innovation category.

This software-based solution allows companies to manage data from dispersed security devices and information systems agnostically. It doesn’t matter whether you use video surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, environmental sensors, analytics, networks, or building management systems; users can identify and resolve issues as early as possible.

The integration of any system with COSMO PSIM+ is simple. As an API-first product, COSMO PSIM+ enables this. Its application programming interface was specifically designed to allow the creation of advanced integrations that elevate systems beyond essential protection. This is accomplished without compromising the fundamental principles of security.

Understanding COSMO PSIM+’s core functionalities give us a better insight into how to deploy it to deliver added value to end users. First, the software collects relevant data from the security system or other business management systems. The software addresses GDPR, which is important to many end users, so integrators and end users will benefit from it.

The intuitive user interface is designed to help users see exactly what they need to focus on and make data-driven decisions. The software analyzes the data in real-time, ensuring relevant information is identified and prioritised based on the criteria set by the user via the system configurations.

For instance, using standard operating procedures, security operators can focus on security and emergencies. The Department of Energy instead will be able to monitor electricity, water, and gas usage with real-time and historical data by tracking energy consumption. The maintenance department can easily manage reactive and planned maintenance, allowing it to control costs. Finally, if the objective is to create a successful retail strategy, the marketing department can focus on improving customer experience and collecting insights.

Implementing workflows ensures compliance with operating procedures and best practices by providing guidance or instructions to specified team members.

A real-time automated reporting system records notifications and details of any actions taken by team members. It can even assess whether the steps are compliant. The end user can use reports to conduct a complete and thorough investigation. As part of the audit trail, customers are provided with evidence that appropriate processes and procedures have been followed.

The software of COSMO PSIM+ is modular and hardware agnostic. Consequently, it is suitable for use in various applications, from large campus-type environments to smaller systems in SMEs that need a specific feature to enhance overall performance.

COSMO PSIM+ IoT System module

Setting up robust and integrated automation workflows across separate security and building management systems is easier with the COSMO PSIM+ IoT System module.

Through this module, a centralised platform can become a proactive system that reacts automatically to certain conditions that may endanger security policies. Automation rules can be defined based on events or timing, generating several different notification methods and executing concrete actions in real time without human involvement. Actions are highly complex and smart automation with many conditions, such as IF/THEN/ELSE, AND/OR, etc.

Taking a proactive approach can prevent potential problems before they occur. Unfortunately, some companies wait until a system alarm or failure happens before reacting. It can be too late when it comes to the safety and security of people and goods.

For example, the Intrusion Panel of a retail store should be armed every night between 22 pm and 9 am. If this local action is not taken, COSMO PSIM+ will arm the Control Panel remotely, verify the Doors are closed and execute all other planned actions. With the COSMO PSIM+ IoT System module, what was traditionally tricky and time-consuming is now more accessible and efficient.

COSMO PSIM+ IoT System module offers the following benefits:

·         Greater control over the systems’ interoperability and operational processes: With smart pre-configurations, you can easily set up automation workflows, select the trigger(s) and condition(s), and automatically have it running without manual operation. 

·         Complete more work in less time: the short-term benefits of automating repetitive, manual workflows are well-known for saving time, saving money and increasing efficiency.

·         Reduce RiskCOSMO PSIM+ IoT System module can also lead to greater accountability and fewer errors, improving accuracy and reducing risks for the organisation. Automatic alerts and reports are created.

·         Improved Alarm Management: If a procedure can be documented, it can be automated. Standardising operating procedures (SOP) that use integrated automation workflows will avoid inconsistent or incorrect execution from the Operators. 

·         Providing Agility and Accessibility: it will allow the End Users to have more flexibility to solve new problems creatively. They can easily visualise, customise, and personalise the automation workflows.

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