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Deeper Base for Micro Sensors

by Benchmark

Texecom has launched a deep base housing for the micro sensor range, making installation of the products on metal frames quicker and easier than before. The deep base housing is designed to improve wireless signal strength of the Micro Shock-W and the Micro Contact-W when installed on metal frames by providing better separation for the antenna. It is a simple clip-in alternative to the standard product base, enabling a fast and effective solution at installation.

The housing is available in packs of 20, and is supplied in the three colour variants of the sensors: white, brown and anthracite grey, to match modern frames.

The Micro Shock-W is one of a few wireless shock sensors on the market compliant to the latest European shock standard. It has been independently certified to the new EN50131-2-8 standard.

Using sophisticated VIBER accelerometer technology, the Micro Shock-W provides a higher level of accuracy for vibration detection compared to piezoelectric technology. Unlike piezo-based shock sensors, VIBER accelerometer technology detects in all three dimensions, increasing installation flexibility as the device can be mounted in any orientation.

With five digital sensitivity settings, the Micro Shock-W can be installed on a wide range of materials from window frames to concrete.

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