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Deploying Smart Analytics Platforms

by Benchmark

Realising Benefits with a Smart Analytics Platform

Modern video surveillance systems are capable of capturing real-time high-resolution image streams around the clock, delivering a huge amount of data to operators. This data contains a wealth of information which can be of great value to those managing a site, including security, safety and the operational procedures of the businesses. However, despite the benefits which can be realised, all too often this data is not used. BriefCam, the provider of a leading smart video analysis platform, argues the true value of captured data can now be realised thanks to developing technologies.


Adding Intelligence to Video Management Solutions

Video is a great enabling resource and provides a range of benefits to many businesses and organisations. It can deliver security protection, safety and compliance when used as a surveillance tool; however, the performance of solutions can be elevated where a smart video analytics platform is deployed. These bespoke systems, such as the BriefCam Video Content Analytics Platform, have been designed to exploit the available video data and add business and management benefits. Here Benchmark takes a closer look at BriefCam’s platform to see what it offers.


User Benefits of Smart Analytics Platforms

Taking an intelligent approach to video surveillance system design can often allow an end user to realise a better solution, often with capabilities beyond the sum of its parts. By applying smart technologies in a bespoke and specific way, the results can enable a more holistic approach to security, safety and space management. Here we consider how the implementation of a smart video content analysis platform ensured the capabilities of surveillance systems were fully leveraged.



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