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Eagle Eye Adds Alarm Monitoring

by Benchmark

Using advanced analytics from Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, alarms can now be monitored and acted upon automatically from the Evalink alarm monitoring platform. This brings operational advantages to service operation centres. Eagle Eye Networks and Sitasys have integrated the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS and its analytics functionality into the Evalink Alarm Monitoring Platform, allowing efficient and effective  management of an unlimited number of cameras without additional human resources.

This builds on the existing partnership between Sitasys and Eagle Eye Networks to create an enhanced security monitoring platform by implementing a cloud-to-cloud integration of video surveillance and alarm monitoring.

Sitasys used Eagle Eye Networks RESTful API platform and Big Data Video Framework to develop and deliver a cybersecured integration between its alarm management platform and the cloud-based video surveillance platform. The integrated system allows users to connect video analytics with smart workflows to automate operational processes. In addition, the user can index, search, retrieve, and analyse video based on alarms from the Sitasys system. The integration and verification process saves time, reduces operations, and prevents unnecessary intervention costs.

‘Our true cloud environment, open platform and advances analytics  are not only changing the video surveillance industry, but cloud-to-cloud integration with partners like Sitasys is extending the capabilities of the alarm monitoring industry, creating a safer, more secure environment and providing business intelligence that can improve operations,’ stated Rishi Lodhia, Managing Director, Eagle Eye Networks.

‘This form of automated monitoring will give businesses the opportunity to outsource their video monitoring at a lower cost, with better accuracy creating benefits for everyone involved. This is an example of how AI can optimise the whole value chain within the security industry. ‘

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