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Elevated Branding Options for Integrators

by Benchmark

Wall-mount models of Texecom’s new and ultra-efficient Capture intruder sensor models can now be customised with intruder or integrator branding, using a simple and innovative graphic insert. Available directly from Texecom, the photo-quality custom-designed graphic inserts offer superior quality to screen- or pad-printing alternatives, ensuring an enhanced professional finish, while also removing the need for installers to stock expensive custom printed covers.

Creation of the inserts is quick and easy, and is carried out via the Texecom installer web portal. The inserts, which can also be supplemented with sounder inserts, simply fit onto the detector and are held in place by a clear cover, retaining an aesthetically pleasing look.

The new Capture detector range combines high performance and stability with ease of installation, flexibility and aesthetics designed to reflect modern trends. To ensure the highest level of catch performance, Texecom based the Capture range on optimum optical geometry for motion sensing, delivering double the number of detection points compared to previous detectors. The ceiling mount models use an omnidirectional quad element PIR to ensure true 360 degree coverage.

The sensors include advanced K-band microwave doppler detection for the dual technology models. K-band microwave is less likely to penetrate walls, reducing concerns with detections triggering the device from outside the protected area. Also, the devices are significantly less susceptible to interference from fluorescent lighting.

Because the K-band microwave detection unit has a miniature footprint, this ensures the dual technology models use the standard Capture sensor housing, ensuring all detectors have the same form-factor. This means graphic inserts can be fitted to entire range of wall-mounted devices.

The Capture models allow the selection of different modes including DT (combined PIR and microwave detection), PetWise (enhanced pet immunity for animals up to 35kg), and CloakWise (detection of ‘cloaked’ intruders for higher security applications). All wall mount Grade 2 Capture sensors feature two-stage pet immunity as standard.

Capture sensors include an encapsulated electronics module, which incorporates shielding from typical false alarm sources. This also ensures accidental touching of the module will not cause issues from static, and prevents vibrations and heat changes from creating nuisance alarms. The sealed electronics are also sealed against dust and insect ingress.

Electrical noise and other false alarm sources are rejected as the detectors use advanced digital signal processing. The sensors analyse environmental conditions to determine intrusion events while rejecting interference. Other features include digital temperature compensation, selectable sensitivity, active white light rejection and automatic sensitivity adjustment.

To offer a greater degree of flexibility, lenses can be swapped without disassembly, with long range and curtain lens options available. Capture detectors feature a common housing and automatic wireless setup, and include mounting points designed to simplify the installation process. Even the terminal block can be rotated to simplify access during cabling.

Featuring integral EOL resistors, all adjustments for the sensors are clearly marked and laser-etched for longevity in the field.

Capture detectors include a lifetime warranty against defects in materials, manufacture and performance.



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