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Eliminating the ‘Grudge’ from Intruder Alarms

by Benchmark

In the past, many users considered the intruder alarm system a grudge purchase. They were making an investment in a system which was solely designed to stop them falling to victim to the more nefarious members of society. Even today, many believe an alarm system does little more than trigger a siren once somebody has broken into their home or workplace. Of course, given today’s technologies and the benefits they create, nothing is further from the truth.

Modern intruder detection solutions do offer very high levels of protection, ensuring homes and families are safe and secure, allowing workplaces and their assets to be safeguarded, and mitigating risks and threats from a range of sources. However, they also offer added-value benefits such as the automation of tasks, management of sub-systems and the delivery of real-time notifications about site status changes, even if those events do not constitute an alarm.

One of the more liberating developments for users has been the introduction of Apps for intruder alarms. Most installation companies will remember the days of customers calling at all hours in an attempt to establish what a vague control panel code actually meant. All too often, customers would become confused by the process and – in frustration –end up not using the alarm at all. This inevitably led to cancelled maintenance contracts and a lack of interest in upgrading systems as newer technologies emerged.

When the Texecom Connect App was developed, the intention was not just to allow users a simpler way of setting and unsetting their alarm, but to connect the vast range of benefits inherent in the Premier Elite security system with customers’ lives.

The use of Modes demystifies Part Set, allowing a high degree of flexibility with regard to how the system is set. An Away mode could be created, with the system fully set, and an At Home mode with it fully unset.

A wide range of other fully customisable modes could then be created to suit any other circumstances. For example, a Night mode might set the downstairs of a house, or all offices in a block but leaving the corridors usable. If vulnerable people were alone, they could create an Evening mode which sets the system for rooms they wouldn’t normally use.

By using Modes which the customer designs and names, the uncertainty is removed, making the benefits of a system easier to access. It also enhances the use of system in businesses and organisations, where employees tend to favour the simple choice of alarms being set or unset. The ability to switch between familiar modes enhances the customer experience and makes the site more secure.

Another benefit of Texecom Connect is the ability to create Recipes: cause and effect programmed actions. These can be security related, switching on lights when a user returns home at night, or lifestyle based, switching appliances when certain activities take place. Recipes not only give the customer access to the full flexibility of their alarm system, but they also provide a feelgood factor when making an investment in security systems. Recipes can also be included in Modes, allowing the customer to adapt the system and the environment to meet their needs.

The intuitive Texecom Connect timeline serves as the general interface for the App, giving at-a-glance status information. This allows users to drill down and discover more information about the alarm condition, events, activities and actions, with a single touch.

Texecom Connect combines easy-to-understand control over the alarm system, coupled with unrivalled flexibility and the capability to automate security procedures and device automation, all from an intuitive and streamlined interface.


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